ALLO Communications to Elevate Subscriber Experience with Smart Home Solution Powered by Calix
Calix, Inc. announced that ALLO Communications has selected Calix Smart Home and Business as the cornerstone of its strategy for deeper subscriber engagement and market expansion by providing the most advanced and personalized communications service offerings available. Already delivering a top Managed Wi-Fi solution with the Calix GigaCenter®, 804Mesh, and its own SmartCare app, the Nebraska-based fiber innovator is expanding its product offering. ALLO is actively testing the new Calix GigaSpire™, which delivers groundbreaking connectivity through Wi-Fi 6, ease-of-use through Alexa voice services, and access to a flexible selection of sensors from a smart home ecosystem fully integrated into the Calix Smart Home and Business solution.

Powered by Calix’s experience operating system, EXOS™, the GigaSpire serves as both the broadband connectivity gateway and the central hardware platform sitting at the center of a smart home offering. With Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS) built in and full remote management and support through Calix Support Cloud, the GigaSpire is user-friendly not only for subscribers connecting smart home devices but also for operators that want to ensure that the connectivity provides the best network experience possible. 

“ALLO is a true disruptor in the broadband market, and they’ve earned that distinction with a relentless focus on delivering best-in-class solutions to their subscribers,” said Michael Weening, executive VP of field operations for Calix. “Building on their uncompromising focus to incorporate new technologies into all parts of their network—all in the name of providing that best customer experience—it’s no surprise that ALLO is embracing Calix Smart Home and Business, specifically because it increases their ability to differentiate their service offerings.” 

A long-time customer of Calix on the access side as well, ALLO’s home Wi-Fi offering includes the Calix GigaCenter and 804Mesh residential service delivery platforms and Calix Cloud™ for network visibility and support. Calix Support Cloud gives ALLO an accurate view of the bandwidth usage patterns of devices on their subscribers’ home networks and includes a network Self-Heal function that has provided an automated solution for finding uncongested wireless bands. It has also enabled ALLO to resolve 53 percent of service issues in a single call, increasing customer satisfaction as well as efficiency of its support team. Calix Marketing Cloud takes these analytics and enables ALLO to more effectively target subscriber campaigns based on behavioral insights. 

“Calix has been a great partner as we’ve built up our home Wi-Fi enabling the best connectivity but also the best customer service through ongoing network management,” said Brad Moline, president and CEO of ALLO Communications. “This new smart home solution is anticipated to build on that connectivity advantage and really put it to use by delivering customized and differentiated service bundles to our subscribers. Our unique combination of connectivity and personalized services will enable us to meet our customers’ current and future needs.”

Source: Calix, Inc. media announcement

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