Lindsay Broadband Introduces Next-gen Intelligent Broadband Battery

Lindsay Broadband – a division of Technetix Group Launches First-Ever UL/CSA/CE Certified, Safe, HFC Network, LiFePO4 LEON® Broadband Battery

Pair with Standby HFC Network Power Supplies to Keep Customers Connected During Power Outages

Lindsay Broadband – a division of Technetix group is excited to announce the launch of the first-ever UL/CSA/CE certified, safe, HFC network, lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) LEON® (Lindsay Ever On Networks) broadband battery. It can be paired with Lindsay’s LBUPS series or compatible competitive network standby power supplies for efficient, reliable power for uninterrupted delivery of services for all applications, even in extreme environments. Trials are underway with several customers.

 Lindsay’s LBLIFEPO4-36V100AH is the next generation intelligent LiFePO4 broadband battery for standby powering applications. This is the first-ever broadband battery to receive UL, CSA, and CE certifications. This 36 VDC, 100 Ah, 3600 Wh battery fits on a single outside plant (OSP) cabinet battery shelf, replacing three (3) 12 VDC lead acid (VRLA) batteries connected in series to create a 36 VDC string. The battery offers battery management system (BMS) controlled premium performance while providing clean, energy-efficient, safe, reliable and sustainable standby power to an HFC network standby power supply. Extremely high energy density with up to 90% depth of discharge (DoD) provide longer run-times and improved network reliability with little to no maintenance.

The battery has a 10x longer lifespan than VRLA and 3x longer than NMC. Safety is key as it is inherently non-combustible and contains/produces no acids or explosive gases. Operators striving for a greener footprint will love the fact that it is green/environmentally-friendly as it does not contain any contaminating elements, is 100% recyclable, and produces less waste due to the fact that there are fewer raw materials (number of batteries) for the same energy density, and the longer lifespan equates to fewer batteries over time.

Lindsay’s LBUPS series of robust, HFC network standby power supplies support the charging of both VRLA and LiFePO4 battery chemistries and are certified to the latest UL standards. They are available in 900 or 1350 VA output models with line-interactive ferroresonant technology and a microprocessor controlled regulated quasi-square wave output. They boast a user-friendly color graphical touch display, programmable intelligent BMS, excellent input, output and short circuit protection, easily accessible front panel connections, hot-swappable inverter modules, field-selectable output voltage, and optional DOCSIS®/EuroDOCSIS™ embedded status monitoring.

Source: Lindsay Broadband media announcement


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