Service Providers are Positioned to take
Industries to the Next Level

By: Shirin Esfandiari

Regardless of industry, we can all agree that technology is evolving rapidly and changing the way we work. Real-time communications, IoT, automation, and analytics underpin these transformations across sectors including healthcare, manufacturing, and hospitality. Underestimated in Industry 4.0, however, are the massive points of inertia in the IoT market, and the amount of integration work required for enterprises to actually stitch together a vertical solution. That’s not to say that the work isn’t well worth the effort…

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Green Speed: Unlocking a Sustainable
Future with Fiber Broadband

By: Filip De Greve

The digital revolution isn't just transforming how we connect. It's reshaping our lives and redefining our relationship with the planet. While the telecommunications industry fuels this revolution, it also faces a critical challenge: sustainability. Telecom networks, data centers, and the ever-present hum of digital activity require power that generates greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to climate change. In total, the ICT industry is estimated to be responsible for 2 percent of the world’s carbon footprint—roughly on a par with the aviation industry…

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Gen AI and Automation's Impact
on Telco Transformation

By: Rohit Batra

Over the past few years, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) have battled increased competition, macro challenges, and rising operational costs. At the same time, disconnected and disparate legacy systems with complex processes have negatively impacted customer satisfaction and burdened day-to-day operations for CSPs, making adapting to challenges much more difficult. As CSPs face competition and the many other challenges set before them, they need solutions that help them achieve their goals and increase customer loyalty, while at the same time mitigating risk…

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Transforming Telco Core Communications
in the Cloud

By: Kevin Dundon

After a decade of stagnant revenue exacerbated by rising operational costs, it’s high time for growth-deprived telco service providers to consider leveraging the cloud for their voice and unified communications services. Legacy voice infrastructure and status quo mindsets remain huge barriers to service provider transformation and monetizing massive network investments with new services and technologies. Long-seen as mature, reliable workhorses, core communications networks are an often-overlooked service area poised for innovation and efficiencies when delivered through the cloud, according to a new report, “Reinventing Core Communications: Strategic Imperatives for Growth,” from London-based research firm Omdia…

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AI AR/VR and Immersive Intelligence

By: Dijam Panigrahi

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are becoming more mainstream today, and an increasing number of manufacturers and professionals, such as designers, engineers, and robotics operators are looking at ways to incorporate various AI-driven technologies into their workflows. However, leading companies today are realizing that AI alone isn’t enough to gain a true competitive edge. Through the integration and use of AI, along with immersive mixed reality, such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), a new suite of solutions is now being leveraged for enterprises and manufacturers, known as Immersive Intelligence…

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The Dark Side of Generative AI:
A Taxonomy of Negative Possibilities

By: Mark Cummings, Ph.D., Zoya Slavina, Katarzyna Wac, William Yeack, CSE

Much has been written in the last year about the negative side effects of generative AI. This article provides a good general understanding, including a general background and taxonomy, of the negative side effects, as a way to organize thinking about them. The development of generative AI (GenAI) started in approximately 2017 and its power is rising exponentially. This exponential growth is likely to produce an expanding palette of benefits as well as negative side effects. GenAI technology is based on Large Language Models (LLMs)…

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The Role of the Network in
Digital Transformation

By: Mike Frane

Digital transformation is commonly conceived as the digitalization of business processes and customer interactions with little regard given to the foundation of what is arguably the most critical component of digital transformation projects – the network. Often how the network is designed and managed can make or break a successful digital transformation. The good news is that perception is now changing. Enterprises are starting to understand the fundamental role of the network and are taking preemptive measures to ensure the network supports a smooth and successful digital transformation by collaborating with experts in the space, such as managed network solutions providers…

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Cloud-based MVNOs:
Transforming the Mobile Landscape

By: Amir Mehmood

The telecommunications industry is no stranger to fast-paced change, but the continued rise of mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) is now reshaping the mobile landscape at a rapid pace. The global MVNO market was worth $84.6 billion in 2023, and that number is set to jump to $116.8 billion in the next five years, with regions like Latin America, Asia-Pacific (APAC) and Africa now gaining on the US and Europe in terms of MVNO adoption. MVNOs have become pivotal players in the communications landscape…

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Virtualizing Satellite Communications

By: Helen Weedon

Digital transformation, also known as Industry 4.0, is taking place across businesses around the globe, and the stats prove it. According to Flexera, 74 percent of organizations consider digital transformation a top priority. Accenture says that Cloud, AI, and the Internet of Things are the top three areas companies are scaling up. Baker McKensie states that a huge 77 percent of companies have already embarked on their digital transformation journey. Our world is already connected to some degree, but this is now set to turn into hyper connectivity, where everyone and everything is connected, monitored, and optimized to make the world run more efficiently through 5G and the network of networks…

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Minimizing Network Downtime in the Age
of Digital Transformation

By: Gary Marks

In the digital transformation era, businesses across all industries rely increasingly on the network. Maintaining an “always-on” network is crucial to ensuring the effectiveness of this era's various technologies. Whether it be robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT) or advanced analytics and cloud solutions, these technologies rely on a consistent network connection to remain operational. One disruption could grind essential operations to a devastating and costly halt, causing significant damage to brand reputation and business relationships…

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Letter from the Editor - April 2024
Digital Transformation

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

Digital Transformation, as a topic, seems somewhat old hat. In fact, we’ve been talking about it at Pipeline for nearly 10 years now. So much so we’ve periodically contemplated killing it. The problem is, just when you think we have reached the end of the transformation road, something new comes along and changes the game. That’s the thing with transformation, it tends to transform. Transformation is an evolutionary, and sometimes revolutionary topic. As long as it remains so, we’ll keep covering it…

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IT & Telecom Industry News

By: Thomas Board, Pipeline

As we enter Q2, telco news has been heating up with companies eagerly displaying their Proofs of Concepts at recent expos. It's been a busy and exciting news month for AI as well, a topic that now finds its way into practically every story.This month’s top industry news stories are summarized below. To view current breaking news in real-time, visit Pipeline’s News Center, follow Pipeline on social media, or subscribe to receive our weekly telecom industry news summary…

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