Telefonica Mexico and ItsOn Launch New Digital Service and Mobile App for Movistar On

One of Mexico's largest mobile operators, Telefonica Mexico, and digital experience cloud solution provider ItsOn have announced the launch of a new, fully digital, renovated Movistar On brand that has added over seven hundred thousand new customers in just forty-five days.

One of Mexico's largest mobile operators, Telefónica Mexico, and the leading Digital Experience cloud solution provider, ItsOn, today announced the launch of a new fully digital renovated experience in Mexico under the Movistar On brand. The enhanced on-device experience enables Movistar On users to customize their service with bundled plans, OTT subscriptions and Value Added Services that better suit their individual needs. In the first and half months since its July launch, the new Movistar On service has attracted over seven hundred thousand new customers and is continuing to grow daily.

Existing or new Movistar customers with any Android or iOS device can download, install and then onboard to the Movistar On experience. As an introductory offer, customers that download the app receive 1GB of complimentary data. Movistar On customers can purchase new digital services in 1 click from their mobiles, and get real-time views into active plans, current usage and account balance. Customers can add money to their Movistar On wallet with debit/credit cards or continue to use the prepaid points of sale.

The ItsOn-powered Movistar On digital marketplace offers:

  • A-la-carte offerings for voice, text and data
  • Apps bundles with different data allowances for
  • Added digital services such as games, music and video, including Spotify and Blim.
  • Coupons and rewards

New to the Mexican mobile market is the context of "Lucky Day", a weekly appreciation benefit for continued loyalty to the Movistar On brand which leads to rewards such as free data and voice minutes or special redeemable coupons from retail partners like Starbucks, McDonald's or Cinemex.

"Launching Movistar On in 2016 gave our customers a new digital experience that is unique in the mobile marketplace," said Renan Leal, Chief Revenue Officer for Telefónica Mexico. "This new and enhanced service we just launched with ItsOn allows us to compete in the Mexican mobile market beyond price. It gives our customers the level of transparency and control they desire while providing value and an enjoyable experience they expect from today's service providers."

ItsOn provides the all-in-one digital solution for mobile operators that virtualizes and modernizes key operator business and operational support systems such as flexible billing, charging, rating, service policy, activation, marketing campaign management, contextual user engagement and m-commerce. By integrating these IT systems into the cloud, operators such as Telefónica Mexico can launch innovative digital services in record time, accelerate revenues growth through relevant offers and plans and most importantly provide an enjoyable digital end-user experience that leads to customer loyalty and high service adoption.

"Telefónica Mexico's digital transformation vision for delivering mobile transparency, control and an amazing smartphone experience is finally realized through Movistar On," said Jose Lorenzo, Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Business Operations for ItsOn. "Mobile operators understand that consumers want and expect a mobile experience that is simple-to-use, personalized and pleasurable, and we commend Telefónica Mexico for enabling that truly digital experience for its users."

With the availability of the new downloadable Movistar On mobile application, Telefónica Mexico and ItsOn are showcasing how operators can able deliver rich digital experiences that are transparent, contextual and customized while offering superior value to the user which has translated in an ARPU increase of 15% during the first month of service.

Source: Telefonica Mexico media announcement


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