AT&T Introduces New High-Speed, Secure Network Connection for Cloud Service Providers

AT&T Partner Exchange Launches Highly Secure Cloud Connectivity for Solution Providers

AT&T today announced the launch of its new high-speed high-security network connectivity solution aimed at helping cloud services providers securely connect their business customers

Solution providers in AT&T* Partner Exchange┬« can now help their business customers confidently move to the cloud. We're launching AT&T NetBond┬«. This provides a high-speed, highly secure network connection to a wide range of leading cloud service providers.

"When considering a cloud strategy, businesses seek the security and performance of a private cloud as well as the economics and flexibility of a public cloud," said Sue Galvanek, vice president, AT&T Partner Exchange. "With AT&T NetBond, they can have the best of both.

"It's a natural addition to the AT&T Virtual Private Network (VPN) that solution providers are already selling through our program. This helps our solution providers be more strategic and drive more value in the integrated technologies they're building. It also helps strengthen their competitive advantage in the marketplace," said Galvanek.

AT&T makes it easy to connect to third-party cloud ecosystems. With NetBond, we fully manage the network and cloud infrastructure connections. This helps solution providers move their customers to the cloud in a fast, scalable and highly secure manner.

Benefits include:

  • Ease of Use: Simple portal to quickly manage customer connectivity to cloud service providers.  
  • Strengthened Security: Takes traffic off the public internet, and creates a highly secure connection between the customer VPN and the cloud.
  • Speed: Ability to quickly provision cloud resources online and scale them on demand.
  • Cost Savings:  Helps eliminate the need for long-term customer investment in circuits and equipment.  
  • Performance: Direct connectivity to cloud ecosystems results in more consistent performance.

Solution providers who participated in a trial of AT&T NetBond had positive feedback on the technology.

"The cloud is transforming the way our customers do business," said Phil Towle, senior vice president of sales, Alliant Technologies. "As their trusted advisor, it's our responsibility to help ensure they aren't sacrificing performance and security for the agility or cost they may need from a public cloud. By integrating AT&T NetBond into our IT infrastructure utility offer, we can create a solution that lets our customers virtualize their data and business processes without compromise."

Solution providers can help their customers be more productive from nearly anywhere, any time. Whether business customers are in the office or in the field, with AT&T NetBond, they won't jeopardize network security.

"When it comes to delivering innovation, value and confidence in the cloud, AT&T nailed it," Towle said.

NetBond joins a line-up of recent program and product updates made in AT&T Partner Exchange. These additions help solution providers capitalize on the trends that will position their businesses for growth. To better equip our solution providers for success, NetBond will be included in AT&T Partner Exchange's certification program.

"As businesses continue to move their workloads to the cloud, a highly secure cloud strategy is essential," saidAndy Daudelin, vice president of cloud, AT&T Business Solutions. "We're bringing cloud connectivity capabilities, with AT&T NetBond to solution providers in AT&T Partner Exchange, to help more businesses store their information more securely wherever they choose to, be it private, public, or hybrid cloud environments."

Source: AT&T release


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