Infovista wants you to Know Your Network

Infovista Delivers on Its Strategy to Lead 5G and SD-WAN to Help Service Providers and Enterprises Know Their Networks

With a mission to control modern networks, Infovista, the leader in modern network performance, today announced its strategy to disrupt the market through a portfolio of best-of-breed cloud-, SD-WAN- and 5G-focused solutions designed to give service providers and enterprises total visibility and unprecedented control over their networks and applications. Innovative service providers and enterprises around the world—more than 1,500 in 150 countries—rely on Infovista to deliver quality user experiences to their customers

The “new” Infovista was born in 2016, when four leading-edge companies came together with the shared goal of helping customers simplify their networks. Today, with “Know Your Network™” as its slogan, Infovista lives at the intersection of the 5G-enabled world and SD-WAN-driven networks, with a robust suite of solutions that span network planning, optimization, testing and service assurance, as well as application performance visibility and control on any network.

“Modern networks are extraordinarily complex, but the world runs on them,” said Philippe Ozanian , chief executive officer of Infovista. “Shadow IT, IoT mobile connectivity, increasing security risks, consumerization of IT, artificial intelligence and machine learning are putting an unprecedented strain on networks and applications. Infovista is helping its customers take full control of complex networks by providing the intelligence, solutions and insights critical to delivering brilliant user experiences and maximum value.”

For enterprises, Infovista provides application intelligence for the WAN edge, powered by:

Infovista Ipanema SD-WAN, simply the best SD-WAN for controlling the applications that run on the network. It gives enterprises application intelligence for the WAN edge with the visibility and control to monitor and prioritize applications across the hybrid WAN, delivering high-performing digital experiences.

Infovista VistaInsight, a unified, multi-domain service assurance solution that supports digital transformation by simplifying hybrid NFV network operations and supporting enterprise SLAs. From one end of the network to the other, Infovista provides service visualization and service modelling. Infovista VistaInsight aligns with the state of the network, normalizes multi-vendor KPIs, builds effective service policies, and enriches big data analytics.

For service providers, Infovista is the only technology partner that covers the entire network lifecycle. More than 250 mobile operators leverage Infovista solutions to build better networks, and 80 percent of communications service providers (CSPs) use Infovista’s technology to assure the quality of their services. Service providers can design, optimize and test networks on 3G, 4G, 5G and beyond, powered by: Infovista Planet, Infovista Ellipse and Infovista Geodata, the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of network planning and modeling tools to deliver network quality for end users. The Infovista TEMS Portfolio, which features data collection, real-time test orchestration, and analytics and post-processing, assuring mobile networks are delivering a quality user experience. Infovista VistaInsight, which is helping service providers to gain the visibility and control over their networks to achieve one hybrid network supporting all fixed and mobile services.

Source: Infovista media announcement


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