BEK Communications Enhances Customer Experience using Calix Support Cloud

Calix Support Cloud gives BEK deep visibility into service issues, drastically reducing operating expenses, and enabling remote troubleshooting to avoid costly truck rolls

Calix, Inc. today announced that BEK Communications has deployed Calix Support Cloud, which provides unmatched clarity into device-level service issues on customer networks and enhances BEK’s support, helping them grow the services side of their business. This enhanced visibility is helping BEK to reduce the time to diagnose issues, as they are able to “see” specific service problems in their subscribers’ networks and guide them through troubleshooting, though, in many cases, the “self heal” capability implements fixes before the subscriber even knows there is an issue. The partnership also connects BEK to the Calix Success Team, which serves as an extension of its own internal support team, helping to formalize the business processes necessary to maximize the success of its support organization. All this functionality is built on their Calix Carrier Class Wi-Fi solutions.

“As a regional communications provider, a major part of serving our customers is being able to assist with any service issues that arise, and our goal is one and done—all issues should be taken care of after one customer call,” said Derrick Bulawa, CEO of BEK Communications. “With Calix Support Cloud, we can expertly guide our subscribers to a malfunctioning device, suggest frequency changes, and intelligently assess the situation, saving not only time and money but frustration for our customers.”

Founded in 1952 and headquartered in Steele, North Dakota, BEK Communications Cooperative is a triple play telecommunications company that provides voice, video and data services to more than 10,000 customers in six counties in the south-central regions of the state. Within the cooperative area that extends east from Bismarck, the company is member/customer-owned, but with Calix Support Cloud, it also serves additional rural areas around Bismarck, Mandan, and Valley City. The company deploys BEK Fiber to the home (FTTH) with Calix solutions across its entire coverage area to ensure top quality services reach its customers—even in the most remote locations.

“BEK is addressing an issue common among regional service providers serving communities in rural locations—difficulty in responding to service issues because truck rolls covering long distances for simple fixes are impractical,” said Michael Weening, executive vice president of field operations for Calix. “Calix Support Cloud pairs with Calix premises solutions to eliminate this inefficiency by giving support teams not only the deep visibility necessary to address these service issues on their own but also access to our customer support team professionals who help expand the capabilities of these often small in-house teams.”

Source: Calix, Inc. media announcement


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