Torc Robotics and Schneider to Pilot Autonomous Test Fleet

Torc Robotics, Schneider Announce Pilot to Further Operationalize Level 4 Autonomy for Long-Haul Trucking

Pilot includes freight loads and commercial expertise for long-haul freight applications

Torc Robotics, a pioneer in commercializing self-driving vehicle technology, today announced that Schneider and Torc are working toward implementing a pilot program utilizing Torc’s autonomous test fleet.

“Schneider is an undisputed leader in the industry,” said Michael Fleming, Torc founder and CEO. “Many of trucking’s best practices and breakthroughs stem from Schneider’s forward-thinking approach. This relationship with Schneider is a significant step for the operational development of our product as we continue to work toward a seamless integration with the existing freight industry.”

As part of the agreement, Schneider will provide freight loads for Torc’s pilot operations and unique insights on truckload freight that will help guide the development and ongoing commercialization of autonomous trucks for long-haul applications.

“We see great potential for Torc’s autonomous technology to improve freight efficiencies while helping to lower cost,” said Rob Reich, Schneider executive vice president and chief administrative officer. “Schneider is looking forward to providing Torc with the industry and operational knowledge needed to maximize the potential of autonomous trucks.”

Torc recently announced the formation of its Torc Autonomous Advisory Council (TAAC), which includes key freight industry players such as Schneider. The latest agreement with Schneider will be multi-phased, launching from the initial scouting work that the companies have already completed. Through Torc’s Test/Discover/Iterate approach, initial evaluation has commenced to ensure Torc’s systems are achieving the necessary requirements for Schneider and its customers. The next steps include system integration and day-to-day commercial operation pilots throughout 2023 and beyond. The end goal of the effort is to hone the product trajectory into an industry-guided usable solution.

Source: Torc Robotics media announcement


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