Maintegrity Releases Ransomware Protection for IBM Mainframes

Maintegrity Ushers in a New Era of Ransomware and Malicious Encryption Protection for IBM Mainframes

MainTegrity announced a groundbreaking step in the battle against ransomware. MainTegrity FIM+® software can now detect and help neutralize the most insidious forms of ransom attacks, malicious encryption, and data exfiltration.

Encryption can be valuable in defense against cyber-attacks on business data but can also be weaponized in the hands of unscrupulous criminals or rogue state entities. This is especially critical for mainframes, which organizations in Finance, Energy, Health, Government and Utilities all depend on to keep business operating. It is vital not only to intercept and suspend ransomware attacks but also to remove the human reaction time from the equation.

FIM+ identifies attacks in seconds and stops them dead in their tracks. FIM+ also allows legitimate work to continue while attackers are prevented from causing major damage. Support teams can then take their time investigating and selecting the right form of recovery without requiring a full outage. Rather than waiting the hours or even days needed for conventional tools to provide solutions, using FIM+ reaction times can be immediate, limiting ensuing damage by orders of magnitude.

Steven Dickens, VP & Practice Leader, Futurum Group, says, “Advanced solutions for cyber-resilience are one of the fundamental ingredients that make mainframes ever more reliable. We believe that tools like MainTegrity’s FIM+ are critical for organizations that are looking for ways to strengthen their cyber defenses.”

Al Saurette, CEO of MainTegrity, notes, “Our team has dedicated their professional careers to ensuring uninterrupted operation of centralized computing that powers our very way of life. FIM+ is the culmination of that effort, eliminating many elements of risk from cyber-attack.”

Combined with other early warning techniques, FIM+ enables large enterprises to take cyber resiliency to a new phase and is a game changer in the fight against ransomware.

Source: MainTegrity media announcement


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