Kohler Ensures Top-of-the-line Data Center Power

Kohler’s Global Power Partner Program Underscores Dedicated Data Center Service Excellence

Tailored, High-Touch Support Ensures Hyperscalers and Multinational Operators Retain Agility and Scalability

Kohler Power, the data center industry’s global power partner, is proud to unveil its Global Power Partner program. As a hallmark service of Kohler Power, this program highlights the company’s core commitments to 24/7 ongoing, exclusively data center-specific support. This approach to robust customer care — backed by the signature Kohler mission of providing gracious living — ensures top-of-the-line data center power results for operators that require seamless deployments and uncompromised agility.

Kohler’s Global Power Partner approach offers personalized and high-touch global support. Customers enjoy dedicated expert insight, immediate and accurate quotes, and holistic lifecycle services that include account management, product management, engineering, commissioning, and on-boarding. This dedicated support structure in turn ensures that data center providers can conserve agility while they scale powerfully.

“Organizations in this strategic data center segment are investing billions annually to support the infrastructure needs of our digital society, paving the way for opportunities across 5G, cloud, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and beyond,” says Steve Zielke, Sr. Data Center Channel Manager at Kohler. “We believe that it’s not only our duty to empower these companies with the ideal power solutions they need, but our privilege to do so. We’re committed to helping customers build the future of IT and communications as easily, reliably, and enjoyably as possible — that’s what it means to be a true Global Power Partner.”  

Source: Kohler media announcement


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