Juniper Networks Deliver Demo of 800ZR System

Coherent Corp., Juniper Networks and Marvell Deliver Public Demonstration of Industry-First Comprehensive 800ZR System at OFC’24

The solution, operating at 0dBm, showcases significant advances in open standards-based 800G transport innovation, offering operational simplicity, power efficiencies and enhanced performance capabilities that drive service innovation in data center interconnect, metro networks and beyond

Juniper Networks announced that it is is collaborating with Coherent Corp and Marvell Technology to present the first public demonstration of their 800ZR solution featuring Juniper Networks PTX10002-36QDD Packet Transport Router, Coherent Corporation’s 800ZR transceiver and the 800G Marvell Orion coherent digital signal processor at OFC 2024. This industry-first solution highlights significant progress in transport technology and the constant innovation, promising a new benchmark of capabilities and efficiencies.

The rapid evolution of services in the AI, cloud and 5G era underscores the necessity for scalable, power efficient and future-proof networking solutions. Emerging Generative AI services leverage AI/ML clusters created by interconnecting hundreds of compute, storage and switching devices within the data center using 800GbE client interfaces. These clusters are connected to internet resources, using 800ZR coherent solutions (router/transceiver systems). The result is a large number of interconnects within data centers and between data centers. The benefits for end-users of this 800G solution are extensive as it provides faster and more reliable connectivity, enabling seamless access to bandwidth-intensive applications and services. Whether it's streaming high-definition content, conducting video conferences or accessing cloud-based resources, an 800G solution will usher in new benchmarks in network operations and user experiences.

Marvell Orion is the industry’s first 800G coherent digital signal processor for small form factor pluggable modules, delivering up to 800 Gbps of bandwidth for optical connections up to 1,000km and 400Gbps of bandwidth at up to 2,000km. The solution reduces cost per bit and power per bit by 30 percent compared to previous generation pluggable modules, while providing operators a path to substantially reduced capital and operational expenses.

Coherent Corporation’s 800G Digital Coherent Optics (DCO) transceiver utilizes its own integrated coherent transmitter and receiver Optical Sub-Assembly (IC-TROSA), enabling transmit optical output power of 0dBm in the dense QSFP-DD form-factor. The high optical output power enables IP-over-DWDM in DCI and metro/regional networks with transmission distances up to 1000 km at 800G.

The Juniper Networks 800G PTX10002-36QDD Packet Transport Router represents a next-generation, cloud-optimized routing platform, built upon Juniper's Express 5 ASIC. It offers unmatched operational simplicity, power efficiencies and enhanced performance, supporting dense 100GbE, 400GbE and 800GbE for robust scalability across various WAN and data center use cases, particularly in anticipation of significant capacity expansion driven by the rapid deployment of AI/ML clusters. With its industry-leading 28.8 Tbps capacity, it excels in environments where space and power are limited.

Supporting Quotes:

"As pluggable coherent optics become smaller and more capable, they will increasingly dominate the telecommunications industry. 800ZR doubles the available speed of the wildly successful 400ZR, providing a low-cost, low-power solution which eliminates the need for large, custom optical equipment in data center interconnections. Looking ahead, we expect to see Pluggable 800G shipments approaching 500k annually by 2028.”

- Scott Wilkinson, Lead Analyst, Cignal AI

“The industry’s first high optical output power 800G ZR/ZR+ pluggable transceiver is built on the most advanced 140 GBaud IC-TROSA which was also an industry first we introduced in September 2023. We continue to advance state-of-the-art optical transmission in core networks by leveraging the inherent capabilities of our indium phosphide technology platform. Indium phosphide photonic integrated circuits are differentiated by their high optical output power in combination with high performance, which enables disruptive use cases such as IP-over-DWDM in metro and DCI networks.”

- Dr. Jack J. Xu, Vice President Marketing, Telecom Vertical, Coherent Corp.

“The rapid advancement of technologies like smartphones, remote work setups, broadband services and cloud computing underscores the need for faster networking solutions such as 800G. Hyperscalers are likely to lead the deployment of 800G in data center and interconnect environments. Accelerating the release of ZR+ versions, including 0dBm, will drive the adoption of these technologies in transport networks, enhancing operator and user experiences. System integration and multivendor collaboration are crucial for bringing disruptive technologies like this to market. The complete 800ZR solution marks a significant milestone in the industry.”

- Julius Francis, Senior Director, Product Strategy, Wide Area Networking, Juniper Networks

“800G ZR/ZR+ technology will fundamentally change the way DCI and telecommunications networks are built at 800 Gbps. The small form factor pluggable modules can serve the majority of use cases. By combining Juniper’s expertise in routing design, Coherent’s module technology and Marvell’s leadership in coherent DSPs, we are accelerating the adoption of pluggable architectures for tomorrow’s data infrastructure.”

- Samuel Liu, Senior Director, Product Line Management, Coherent DSP, Marvell

Source: Juniper Networks media announcement

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