Dgraph and Capventis Partner to Advance DT

Dgraph Labs Partners With Capventis To Advance Digital Transformation Through Graph Database Integration 

Industry Partnership Increases Rollout of Dgraph's Graph Database Technology Through Capventis' Expansive Global Network 

Dgraph Labs, the #1 open source graph database, today announced its partnership with UK-based integration and analytics consulting company Capventis to expand the data unification of global brands. The partnership will extend Dgraph's reach as Capventis leverages its integration options with key clients in the UK and Europe. 

"Dgraph has been looking for an ideal partner to expand enterprise-level data unification for leading brands, and Capventis was a clear fit for our business and our team. Not only is Mike Hawkes an impressive brand evangelist for Dgraph, but the technology his team has built speaks volumes for the customer engagement and revenue generation capabilities made possible through analytics derived from uniting siloed data in real time," said Gary Hagmueller, CEO at Dgraph. "The UK and Europe are key markets for Dgraph, and this partnership will facilitate conversations with leading organizations that already appreciate the value Capventis adds to their business." 

Gary Hagmueller, CEO, Dgraph
Today, Capventis serves some of the largest global brands in delivering integrated solutions around analytics, customer engagement, and experience management. Capventis helps businesses derive value from their data and has developed software to help with migration, integration, and orchestration between systems. 

This software, called Glu, sits on top of Dgraph, which is used to unify diverse data sources when revealing insights. Dgraph's GraphQL-native graph database streamlines the process of uniting siloed data, even with terabytes of data. 

Capventis analysis and analytics teams can help plan, design, and develop end-to-end solutions or services. From initial blueprint through to large-scale integrations and migrations, Capventis collaborates with its clients to improve customer engagement and experience management across the business. 

This partnership will allow the Capventis team to leverage their understanding and use of Dgraph when working with clients who need support with their digital transformation. In the same way that Capventis helps clients with other partner integrations, they can help clients achieve data unification with Dgraph. 

Similarly, when Dgraph is working with enterprises that need further support and integration for analytics or experience management, they can leverage the Capventis partnership to provide companies with the insights that they need. 

"I have been following Dgraph since its first release, and I have been continually impressed by how easy Dgraph makes it to ingest unstructured data and yield unique and delightful insights for clients. Dgraph underpins the proprietary Glu technology that the Capventis team has developed, helping us offer superior analytics and customer understanding to our clients," said Mike Hawkes, CTO at Capventis. "I'm thrilled to be officially partnering with another innovative technology solution to forge forward with digital transformation across leading brands and organizations."

Source: Dgraph Labs media announcement


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