Carma Now Available on Microsoft AppSource

Carma is providing the technical solution to the human challenge of how to recruit, train, and motivate the telecom and data center workforce of tomorrow.

Carma Inc, announced the availability of Carma on Microsoft AppSource, an online cloud marketplace providing tailored line-of-business solutions.

Carma is a telecommunications and data center specific platform that consolidates Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Operational Support System (OSS), and Business Support System (BSS) functions across all industry verticals and organization roles. Every Carma user, including end-customers using Carma’s Customer Facing Portals, leverages a single Microsoft Dataverse environment across departments and perspectives to unify situational awareness of the business. Carma consolidates over 20 different classes of siloed systems, often duplicated for each legacy company, into an integrated platform that spans the complete customer experience from lead to invoice generation. The result is a more capable, more robust, more secure, and dramatically less expensive platform than traditional ecosystems.

Carma is the answer to the myopic legacy systems focused on single-function vendor hardware. “We are providing the technical solution to the human challenge of how to recruit, train, and motivate the telecom and data center workforce of tomorrow, as the industry faces a crippling wave of retirements its importance simultaneously skyrockets for the working and learning experience of our modern world,” according to Frank McDermott, CEO of Carma. “Instead of retraining personnel with decades of outdated legacy telecom experience on dozens, sometimes hundreds of systems, Carma focuses on the next generation of network and data center professionals delivering superlative customer experiences through a single system with an intuitive, modern, mobile responsive interface.”

“Through Microsoft AppSource, customers around the world can easily find tailored line-of-business partner solutions that work with the products they already use,” said Toby Bowers, General Manager, Business Applications Group, Microsoft Corp. “We’re happy to welcome Carma’s solution to the growing AppSource ecosystem.”

About Carma, Inc.

Carma, a Microsoft CSP Direct Partner, ISV Cloud Embed Partner, and Dynamics 365 Telecom Accelerator Member builds a comprehensive telecommunications management platform for network operators, data centers, and large enterprises in a Software-as-a-Service offering. Carma links the physical assets of the network and data center to every customer, order, service, asset, and invoice for complete visibility into every transaction within the telecommunications industry. Features and functionality that were only available to massive operators with deep pockets for custom development and bespoke integration, are now attainable for any Tier 1, Tier 2, or enterprise customer. Carma is scalable for the largest networks and hyperscale data centers, yet affordable for enterprise IT departments and independent operators. For more information, visit

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