CALLUP's SIM OTA Platform Selected To Remotely Manage SIM Cards For Major Euro MSP

European Tier-1 Mobile Operator Selects CALLUP’s SIM OTA Platform to Manage Remotely More than 35 Million SIM Cards

Mobile device management solutions developer CALLUP announced today that a European Tier-1 mobile operator has selected its SIM OTA platform for remote management of files and applets on over 35 million subscriber SIM cards

CALLUP, a provider of Value Added Services (VAS) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions for the telecom industry, today announced that a European Tier-1 mobile operator has selected CALLUP’s SIM OTA platform for remote management, over the air, of files and applets on SIM cards. The European operator manages more than 35 million subscriber SIM cards.

CALLUP’s SIM OTA platform remotely manages the entire SIM card life cycle – from activation of new accounts, through various upgrades and roaming updates, to SIM card cancellation and swap. Using a user-friendly interface that is SIM vendor agnostic, the SIM OTA comprises various features and capabilities, such as secure Remote File Management, Remote Applet Management, Steering of Roaming, Location Tracking, Welcome SMS, and other remote, over the air SIM operations.

This complex project involves consolidation of two major existing and obsolete OTA (Over the Air) platforms into one unified system, which will serve all of the customer’s brands and MVNOs.

Extra emphasis was put on security, including the use of HSM (Hardware Security Module) to hold the OTA keys, and many improvements in the authentication mechanisms. The platform is also future ready with NFV (Network Function Virtualization) support planned for this year.

"This is a great achievement for CALLUP. This win promotes SIM OTA to product of choice status, which is preferred by leading mobile operators,” said Alon Roth, CALLUP’s CEO. “Over the past year we have provided SIM OTA systems to leading operators in Europe and South America, and additional mobile operators are showing great interest in our solution.”

A cost-effective solution, CALLUP’s SIM OTA includes a built-in Short Message Service Center (SMSC) to manage all the SIM OTA settings. The SIM OTA platform includes support for 4G cards, for OTA over HTTPS. Additional features, such as Steering of Roaming and location-based services, add value and provide the operator with excellent ROI.

SIM OTA includes a smart campaign management system that enables updating parameters remotely on all of the operator's SIM cards. The system will automatically repeat the update process on SIM cards that could not accept the original update due to various reasons, such as devices that were turned off or subscribers who were in roaming.

Using SIM OTA, operators can create dynamic distribution lists based on various criteria, enabling the operators to update specific groups of cards according to the pre-defined parameters. In addition, SIM OTA enables online management of a single SIM card.  

Source: CALLUP release


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