TransNexus Collaborates with DigiCert for Cybersecurity

TransNexus works with DigiCert to provide leading SHAKEN certificates

DigiCert PKI Expertise Combined with TransNexus SHAKEN Expertise Provide Best-in-Class Security and Reliability

TransNexus today announced it is working with DigiCert to deliver advanced encryption, authentication, and identity assurance through the power of modern PKI (Public Key Infrastructure). This collaboration incorporates the scalable authentication and encryption capabilities of the DigiCert PKI platform into the SHAKEN Certification Authority (CA) of TransNexus, a leader in STIR/SHAKEN call authentication solutions for the telecommunications industry. 

DigiCert is noted for its leadership and expertise in PKI operations, standards and scalability. The DigiCert PKI platform is unsurpassed for its security, reliability and availability. DigiCert manages PKI for the world's leading companies and numerous industry consortiums providing certificate-based security for their IoT devices and digital transformation initiatives. TransNexus leverages these qualities in its SHAKEN CA to give voice service providers unmatched reliability, ease-of-use, and value. 

"We think the combined expertise and value embodied in TransNexus SHAKEN CA and the DigiCert PKI platform is unique in the industry," said Jim Dalton, TransNexus CEO. "SHAKEN CA downtime or security breaches would be disastrous for a voice service provider. With TransNexus SHAKEN CA powered by DigiCert, our customers can rest easy knowing that this critical function is managed using best practices and proven platforms for security, high reliability and availability." 

"DigiCert is trusted to secure millions of interactions every day, with billions of certificates issued to devices and many industries turning to us to manage their PKI operations," said DigiCert VP of IoT Security Mike Nelson. "Robocalls are a growing issue, and we're excited to support TransNexus in bringing these modern PKI capabilities to the STIR/SHAKEN call authentication ecosystem to help prevent illegal robocalls." 

TransNexus CA-issued SHAKEN certificates are used by the TransNexus ClearIP and NexOSS software platforms in their STIR/SHAKEN applications. TransNexus CA also issues SHAKEN certificates to service providers using other STIR/SHAKEN applications. Service providers use SHAKEN certificates to sign authenticated calls they originate. Terminating service providers verify the signed caller information to ensure that it is trustworthy. 

TransNexus SHAKEN certificates are available with flexible durations from 1 to 365 days. Certificates are issued via a web interface or RESTful API. Certificate repository hosting is included. TransNexus provides SHAKEN certificates with no contract or commitment and simple monthly billing. TransNexus asserts the SHAKEN standards are met, while DigiCert will provide the PKI infrastructure to deliver and host digital certificates at scale, with reliable uptime.

Source: TransNexus media announcement


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