TOWARDEX Completes Boston's First Utility Entrance Solution

TOWARDEX Completes Open Access Utility Entrance for CoreSite's Boston Data Center

Additional utility entrance makes way for new telecommunications providers and fiber optic networks to join CoreSite's growing connectivity ecosystem.

TOWARDEX, a Boston-based network provider specializing in data center interconnections and high-bandwidth fiber optic communications, and operator of the Massachusetts Internet Exchange (MASS IX), today announced the completion of the region's first open access utility entrance solution for fiber optic networks in CoreSite's Boston data center. The new fiber optic corridor known as the Hub Express System provides a hyper-scale network of underground conduits to accommodate installations of more than 135 additional fiber optic cables by carriers, substantially increasing the area's digital infrastructure capabilities for interconnected data centers, and delivers a foundation for the continued growth of internet traffic throughout New England.

"CoreSite's Boston data center is one of the most interconnected buildings in New England today, offering access to leading cloud, IT and network providers, like TOWARDEX," said Matt Gleason, VP General Management for CoreSite. "With the completion of this additional utility entrance, CoreSite continues to expand our already robust connectivity ecosystem with new telecommunications providers and networks."

During the development of the Hub Express System, TOWARDEX and CoreSite collaborated to enable open access entry into the data center by all interested telecommunications providers in a competitively neutral and nondiscriminatory environment. The companies constructed a new utility entrance and lateral trench, installing 68 conduits as well as building penetrations for fiber optic cables.  The new entrance facilities are operated by TWDX Infrastructure, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of TOWARDEX.

"Data centers today are clamoring to create the strongest interconnection ecosystems possible to assist their clients in gaining access to the best of breed carriers, clouds and content providers," said Gavin Schoch, General Manager of TWDX Infrastructure. "No one could have predicted the skyrocketing data demands placed upon our networks worldwide. Updates to infrastructure are inevitable, and with this project we're pleased to offer a unique approach that provides expanded capacity and inclusive business opportunities for all network providers."

According to the volume of data that will be created worldwide is expected to reach nearly 181 zettabytes by 2025. Open access infrastructure projects like the one between TOWARDEX and CoreSite are designed for this upward momentum in anticipation of next generation growth. "With the completion of the Hub Express System we are not only providing infrastructure that scales with our community's needs, but we are also providing an opportunity to stimulate additional business for interested network providers—thus providing greater choice and fair market competition," said James Jun, Chief Operating Officer of TOWARDEX. "We're excited to partner with CoreSite, an industry leader of interconnected data centers, in deploying the first open access utility entrance of its kind in New England."

Source: TOWARDEX media announcement

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