LOGIX Taps CHR Omnia360 to Enhance CX and Improve Operational Efficiency

LOGIX further enhances business operations with Omnia360™

LOGIX Fiber Networks conducted a rigorous review of multiple billing and OSS solutions prior to selecting CHR Solutions and Omnia360TM

CHR Solutions Inc., a leading provider of BSS/OSS and Software Solutions announces that LOGIX Fiber Networks has joined the growing list of transformative broadband, telecom and Electric coop providers to go live with the full Omnia360™ suite for its billing and operational needs.

Houston-based LOGIX is the largest independent fiber network provider in Texas, and a leading provider of data center solutions; the company’s high-performance service offerings include voice, cloud, Ethernet, hosted PBX and hosted dark fiber to enterprises and carriers doing business in Texas and Oklahoma.  LOGIX conducted a rigorous review of multiple billing and OSS solutions prior to selecting CHR Solutions and Omnia360.

“Ultimately, LOGIX chose Omnia360 because of its unique ability to help manage the customer experience, end-to-end, within a single system,” said LOGIX Fiber Networks CTO Shane Schilling. “Omnia360 provides real-time data analytics and dashboards, and a comprehensive customer view that helps us manage our business. Another key benefit is that Omnia360’s comprehensive nature let us eliminate several disparate systems, thereby enhancing efficiencies.”

The open API architecture of Omnia360 provides quick integration and meets the technological demands of modern fiber networks with advanced B2B features. Omnia360 also gives service providers the flexibility they need as technology, networking and customer needs evolve.

“We chose to work with CHR Solutions because they share our commitment to high-quality customer support and communication, and they have the tools to help manage our business efficiently,” Schilling said. “With Omnia360, we expect to streamline our business processes through the use of defined workflows that support fast and accurate customer service.”

“We respect the strong commitment, leadership and invaluable experience that LOGIX has in the Telecommunications industry,” statedGary Knee, Executive Vice President, Software Solutions, CHR.  “We are excited to share in this partnership opportunity and are confident that LOGIX will continue to grow and thrive with the Omnia360 suite.”


About CHR Solutions, Inc. 

CHR is a leading provider of BSS/OSS software solutions and services, engineering, and managed IT and NOC services to communication service providers around the world. 

 About LOGIX Fiber Networks

LOGIX Fiber Networks is a well-established fiber‐based network infrastructure operator. LOGIX provides highly secure fiber-based data and voice services as well as data center access to enterprise and carrier customers. Known for its outstanding customer service and high-bandwidth connectivity, LOGIX also uses streamlined and flexible processes to help customers focus on their business first. For more details about LOGIX, please visit us at


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