Mitto Extends Global Reach to the Underconnected

Mitto Enables A2P Messaging in Pacific Islands Through Direct Connectivity Across the Remote Region

Company's global reach now includes the underserved and under-connected Pacific Islands, including Micronesia, Papua New Guinea and American Samoa

Mitto, provider of global omnichannel communications solutions, announced it delivers routing of business messaging into nine Pacific Islands regions directly through each island's mobile carrier network (MNOs). Mitto's strategic relationships with MNOs across the Pacific Islands region provide widespread direct connectivity for businesses seeking fast and reliable omnichannel reach to consumers in a technologically underserved region.

Isolated geographically from continental landmass and larger regional hubs, Pacific Islands have historically been underserved technologically. According to GSMA Intelligence data, only 38% of the Pacific Islands population were subscribed to mobile service in 2018 compared to the broader south-east Asia Pacific regional average of 68%. Mobile internet penetration in the Pacific Islands is the lowest of any region in the world, just 18% at the end of 2018, leaving more than 9 million people in the Pacific Islands region offline. Additionally, roughly half of the countries and territories have only one mobile operator and, according to the report, "The often challenging natural environment and topography are limiting factors on the provision of mobile coverage or access to other basic services, while low population densities and relatively modest population totals mean operators and other ecosystem players often struggle to scale new services and deployments in a cost-effective manner."

"Residents in the Pacific Islands region represent an important consumer base for global brands yet they remain overlooked and underserved technologically," said Andrea Giacomini, CEO of Mitto. "At Mitto, we care deeply about connecting the unconnected and enabling businesses to reach customers anywhere in the world through omnichannel communications. Our expanded direct connectivity across nine Pacific Islands countries brings much-needed connectivity to consumers there and brings MNOs of the remote region into the global A2P ecosystem."

Mitto's carrier relationships in the Pacific Islands builds upon and expands the company's fast-growing MNO partner ecosystem, which powers comprehensive, high-quality customer engagement via omnichannel communications for global brands. Recently, Mitto has established direct connectivity to all MNOs in Switzerland and in Argentina, as well as the top three in Japan. 

With a decade of experience enhancing omnichannel messaging through quality technologies, an advanced routing platform, and strategic direct partnerships with hundreds of operators throughout the world, Mitto enables optimized communications experiences for the entire ecosystem of MNOs, messaging aggregators, global brands, and consumers 

Source: Mitto media announcement

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