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NG OSS a Philosophy at TTI Telecom (cont'd)


TTI TelecomTTI Team Telecom International Ltd. offers advanced, modular and integrated software products and services for Operations Support Systems ("OSS") and Business Support Systems ("BSS") to telecom service providers. TTI Telecom is uniquely positioned to bridge legacy and next-generation, network and service infrastructures with its Netrac-based service assurance, fulfillment and revenue assurance solutions. With Netrac, service providers can reduce operating costs, enhance profitability and launch new, revenue-generating services more rapidly. Over 60 service providers worldwide have deployed TTI Telecom's solutions, supported by offices globally. For additional information, please visit

TTI Telecom's Service Management family of products enables operators to understand services from the end-user's perspective. The Service Management products collect data from various OSS and BSS in an operator's environment, such as key performance indicators, alarms, call records, signaling and configuration data, test results, trouble tickets, and work orders. The network and service data is then correlated, analyzed and presented in Web-based reports and monitoring screens. This gives operators optimal visibility into real-time and historical service performance, allows them to pinpoint and pursue service degradations as they occur, and make improved service and capacity planning decisions.

Daphna Rosenthal will be presenting TTI Telecom End-To-End Service Management concept at the TMF Nice in session NMGT9 being held Wednesday, May 19, 2004 between 4:30 PM and 5:30 PM. The session is titled Multi Dimensional Assurance - Get the Right Perspective into your Network!


Eric Klein has a Masters of Science in Information Systems and a Bachelors of Business Administration in Management Information Systems, both from Pace University, New York, USA. He has taught classes at both the undergraduate and graduate level at Pace University in New York, USA and the Academic College of Tel Aviv - Yaffo, Israel in Practical Networking.

His practical experience in management consulting is from his experiences at Moran Stahl & Boyer in New York, and as a Senior Technical Consultant for MCI. Currently, Mr. Klein is Next Generation Solutions Manager for TTI Telecom. He is a member of the ISOC, the IETF (IPv6, Evolution of SNMP, SNMP Version 3, and IPv6 Operations working groups) and the IEC.

He has several articles published on various topics related to Telecommunications Management, including:

  • Disaster Recovery: Lessons Learned - A New York Minute, IEC Comprehensive Journal on Operations Support Systems: Solutions and Strategies for the Emerging Network, July 2003. (USA)
  • It Pays to Be Informed, Voice & Data, October 2003. (India)
  • Merging Network Operations Centres: The hardware and software are the easy parts, Convergence Plus, October 2003. (India)

He can be reached at

Yiftach Nagar currently serves as a Senior System Architect at TTI Telecom, leading the middle-tier and API architecture group. Prior to beginning his telecommunications career at TTI Telecom in 1996, Mr. Nagar has consulted to various companies in the areas of business process management and quality assurance. At TTI Telecom he has successfully served in various roles in R&D and project management. Later on he held the position of Product Manager at PacketLight Networks where he led technical, marketing and business activities. Yiftach Nagar has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering & Information Systems from the Tel-Aviv University, Israel.

Zohar Weitz has a Masters of Business Administration and a Bachelors of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management, both from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel. Her practical experience in the Industry is since 1995, starting as a Projects Manager at Elbit Systems and continuing at Comverse, where she was a Marketing Product Manager. Ms. Weitz is currently a Marketing Manager at TTI Telecom.

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