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By Eric Klein, Yiftach Nagar, and Zohar Weitz

With the advent of changing requirements for OSS/BSS the TMF has started the Next Generation OSS (NGOSS) recommendation. NGOSS defines a strategic direction for a more standardized OSS marketplace.

NGOSS defines for Service Providers and their suppliers a comprehensive, integrated framework for developing, procuring and deploying operational and business support systems and software. NGOSS is provided as a set of documents that make up a toolkit of industry-agreed specifications and guidelines that cover key business and technical areas, and a defined methodology for use of the tools. NGOSS uses a "Lifecycle" approach to development of management systems, based on clear definition of business processes, specification and architecting software and systems to automate those processes, and compliance of those systems against NGOSS test criteria.

TTI TelecomThe TeleManagement Forum (TMF) has defined the enhanced Telecom Operations Map® (eTOM) to show the different functional areas necessary for successful management of the Operational Support Systems (OSS) and Business Support Systems (BSS) in a telecommunications service provider. This has become the industry standard for areas of support for the different OSS/BSS software providers. In figure 1 the areas where TTI Telecom supports this map are indicated by the TTI Telecom Logo, cells that are fully pink can be completely managed using TTI Telecom's Netrac Management System, half pink cells are where TTI Telecom provides support for part of the functions of that area of the eTOM map (For a full explanation of the eTOM map please see the TMF website TTI Telecom is part of the TMF working team that helped define the eTOM map.

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