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NG OSS a Philosophy at TTI Telecom (cont'd)

One example of this is the adoption of OSS/J as the NGOSS standard. Some of the team members feel that although OSS/J meets the data model desired, they would prefer a more generic version that was not designed to be Java specific. This coupled with the fact that other Program Teams are also looking at OSS/J for other features means that it will require more discussion and agreement until this is advanced for approval as part of the NGOSS recommendation.

"Next generation is happening now," said Avichai (Avi) Levy, TTI Telecom's Senior VP of Global Marketing. "New technologies such as IP, Metro-Ethernet, next generation SDH/SONET are the driving force behind today's telecommunications world, empowering service providers to roll out a plethora of new innovative services." Continued Levy: "Along with the enormous opportunities that next generation creates, it also poses immense challenges for service providers. At TeleManagement World (Dallas) TTI Telecom addressed these challenges head-on, and explained our next generation vision and roadmap. We discussed the next generation OSS framework (NGOSS) and how the Netrac NGOSS solution complies with the standards and requirements of NGOSS, and presented live demonstrations that showed how our NGOSS solutions operate under real-world conditions."

Over time the change from start-up service providers to established ones has resulted in a need to change the model of how OSS interoperates. When companies have nothing the single brand approach works fine, but when a provider already has some modules there is a need for a difference in approach to how the OSS will be designed. In these cases it is necessary to have the ability for products from different companies to interconnect and interoperate. The NGOSS recommendation is a step in the right direction. Other approaches have included different Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for this interconnection. Over the years TTI Telecom has successfully interconnected to many different vendors software and understands that a company providing a complete end-to-end solution needs to have the modules tightly integrated while loosely coupled to allow this interconnection with 3rd party software.

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