Cariden MATE software is being used daily on many of the largest networks in the world for a variety of traffic management functions. Network operators, equipment vendors and network services companies all use the software broadly, benefiting greatly from the common data format and easily exchanged network plans that allows everyone to have a common understanding of how the network was designed and how it is being operated.
  • Network Engineering uses the MATE software to perform failure analysis and traffic management.
  • Network Planning uses the MATE software to design networks, adjust for growth and perform what-if analyses on new and existing networks.
  • Network Operations uses the MATE software to monitor the network in real-time, shifting traffic around points of congestion and maintaining optimal network performance.
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The Comptel Dynamic OSS suite focuses on fulfillment, convergent mediation, charging and policy control. The company’s expertise allows communications service providers to focus on their core business: developing, delivering and charging for innovative and profitable services. Comptel’s products and solutions are designed to adapt to all common telecoms network and IT environments, and to evolve to meet the demands of future services.

Founded in 1993, NetCracker became a subsidiary of NEC Corporation in 2008. For more information, visit

EXFO's Service Assurance division is a global provider of converged service assurance solutions that let service providers proactively monitor and troubleshoot their multi-play networks. With EXFO's Brix System, the world's largest service providers are able to reliably offer high-quality experiences in voice, video, data and mobile services to their customers, partners and employees. EXFO brings a unique and proven heritage of IP expertise to the service assurance marketplace and collaborates closely with customers and partners to assure the delivery of any IP-based service, over any network, to any endpoint. Designed specifically for converged multiplay networks, the Brix System allows network operators to monitor and troubleshoot VoIP, Carrier Ethernet, IP video and 2G/3G/4G/LTE mobile traffic all from one simple, web-based interface. For more information on EXFO Service Assurance solutions, please visit


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