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Management World Orlando:
Insights and Expectations

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By Tim Young and Alana Grelyak

Here in North America, the leaves are changing colors, the pumpkin patches are hanging their signs, and the evenings are starting to cool. That must mean that it's time, again, for the TM Forum's Americas show: Management World Orlando.

This show sports a change of venue, but promises to bring back to the table some of the same interesting conversation and exploration that we have come to expect from Management World events. We'll have a full post-show review in our December issue but wanted to take a look now at what we can expect from the event.

We asked a few of the exhibiting companies what they thought of some of the changes we're seeing in Management World, and here's what they had to say:

Pipeline: What do you think of the venue change from Dallas to Orlando?

Intec: If the attendance statistics released to date by TM Forum are accurate, the venue change appears to be very positive. I expect that locating the event in Florida should improve attendance from Central and South America.

Conceptwave: We hope that the venue change will increase the participation from the NA and CALA region. ConceptWave solutions are in production with several incumbent CSPs in CALA.

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NetCracker: The venue change is a very positive development. As Management World grows and attracts participants from South America, Orlando's location and modern facilities will contribute to making the event even more successful.

Pipeline: What made last year's Management World Americas show effective?

This show sports a change of venue, but promises to bring back to the table some of the same interesting conversation and exploration that we have come to expect from Management World events.

Intec: Management World by its nature draws a very technical audience. It provides a good forum to meet with partners along the entire value chain to discuss developments in the industry – both business and technical – and the formulation of solutions that address those developments. We also met with a number of important customers and prospects.

NetCracker: Targeted marketing, right messages, close engagement with customers and prospects, made for a successful show last year.

Pipeline:  What about the event does your company hope to see improved upon this year?

Intec: While the sessions were good, think there is still room for improvement there. The new location should also improve the flow through the exhibit floor and the conference as a whole.

Conceptwave: Larger CSP participation.

NetCracker: We expect to see a greater presence of service providers from South America. The conference agenda will also be covering a broader range of topics. We also expect to see more in-depth discussion on topics.

Pipeline: What do you think of the TMForum's expansion of focus in recent years, moving to include more content companies, advertising companies, etc.?

NetCracker: It is a logical evolution for TMF. As service providers begin to deliver rich-media and diversified content over a converged network, it is only natural that advertising and content companies attend TMF events. Service providers are evolving new business models that incorporate

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