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The Long Arm of Telecommunications Law
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The Realities of Modern Lawful Intercept

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One option for this process is to install hardware for all of these functions. This is costly (and , according to the law, can't be subsidized by subscribers through a direct surcharge). The mediation devices alone are an expense, and one often overlooked by many who aren't directly affected by the rigors of CALEA. However, vendors like SS8 and Verint are likely enjoying the added business that such a requirement brings them, as each unit tends to run around $100,000.

Alternatively, SPs can use the services of a

Critics of CALEA maintain that allowing private companies to capture and analyze data is inappropriate.

The TTP model is not without its drawbacks. Critics of CALEA maintain that allowing private companies to capture and analyze data is inappropriate, and an example of worrisome privatization of a function traditionally performed by the government itself. There is also the omnipresent concern that everyone who rents rather than owns faces: Where does my money go? Am I making an investment, or just throwing my money down a bottomless pit?


Trusted Third Party (TTP) to maintain the hardware and other aspects of LI capability. Vendors such as NeuStar, VeriSign, AcmePacket and the other vendors featured in this very issue of Pipeline can handle the monitoring and mediation at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, TTPs are generally companies with long histories of monitoring networks for accuracy, speed, and clarity. To extend a similar high level and drill-down capabilities to LI seems like a natural move.

Either way, the necessities of CALEA and other LI measures are fast approaching, so the smart company is spending its time figuring out how to make it all work as soon as possible. While LI implementation is no 'magic bullet' against illegal activity, it's yet another measure meant to ensure that crime is difficult and costly. That's an important goal, even if it means that fighting crime is just as difficult and (wince) just as costly.

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