Pipeline Publishing, Volume 3, Issue 11
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The Long Arm of Telecommunications Law
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Listen Closely: The Realities of Modern Lawful Intercept
   By Tim Young

Every single day, countless terabytes of information are transmitted across voice and data networks worldwide. The vast majority of that data concerns business meetings, banking transactions, basketball scores, graduation pictures, and other such vital and not-so-vital information. However, sprinkled here and there are bits of information about terror, murder, fraud, and extortion: Bits of information about crime. Serious crime.

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OSS Newswatch
By Alana Grelyak

JacobsRimell has announced the availability of JR QuickStart Business, a “service fulfillment and management solution designed to support communications service providers’ rapid rollout of IP-based solutions to global businesses.” “With the business VoIP market expected to grow to upwards of $15 billion by 2012, it is critical that operators develop VoIP offerings that enable them to earn revenue now,” said David Jacobs, CTO of JacobsRimell. “In order for operators to capture a share of this lucrative market quickly, their product offerings, ease of adoption and initial customer experience must stand out among a ...

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Pipeline's 2007 Next Gen OSS Integration Summit Retrospective
   By Tim Young, with a special commentary by Wedge Greene

When asked by Pipeline about Intelliden's choice to attend IQPC's Next Gen OSS Integration Summit, Ann Latham says it comes down to the show's “laser-like focus” and its ability to bring in a qualified audience at the director level and above. Latham, Intelliden's Director of Corporate Marketing echoes a sentiment held by many who attended the second Next Gen OSS event, held March 5-7 in Boston. The show had between 100 and 140 attendees, depending on who is doing the counting, so raw numbers couldn't have been a major draw for anyone who attended. However, for companies like Intelliden, the focus is the thing. Like ...

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Carrier Grade: The Myth and the Reality of Five Nines
By Wedge Greene and Barbara Lancaster, LTC International

What is the hard fast requirement for Carrier-Grade? Is “five-nines” or 99.999% up or 0.99999 available a hard, fast requirement of telecommunications or is it the telecommunications equivalent of an Urban Myth? From a common sense perspective, the meaning of availability is clear, and given the essential nature of telecommunications, the necessity of five-nines is easily understood. But when you want to measure it, and hold someone accountable for delivering that availability, you must establish an operational definition for it. We asked a cross section of telecom and OSS experts if they knew the origin of five-nines and surprisingly some answered...

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In Denial about Denial-of-Service attacks?
   By Dr. Supranamaya “Soups” Ranjan

With the May 2007 deadline for CALEA compliance getting closer, debates surrounding the social and moral ramifications of Lawful Intercept (LI) have begun raging once again. However, an issue that has neither been initiated nor discussed at length is whether the LI solutions are sophisticated enough to handle a clever adversary. Are LI solutions and standards in denial about denial-of-service attacks? The short and scary answer is yes, since a clever adversary can either launch attacks that thwart successful interception or exploit vulnerabilities in an LI system to launch other attacks. In the first case, an adversary can prevent Law...

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Staring Down the Compliance Conundrum
   By Joe Hogan and Marc Price, Openet

It reads like a spy novel or political thriller. A person of interest is identified. He’s accessed jihadist web sites. He’s received and made calls from a person who, in turn, has received calls from Afghanistan or Western Pakistan. He has sent a flurry of recent picture messages from a vulnerable national monument. Police move fast to corroborate these facts with other information: a questionable driver’s license from a state with lax rules, a recent pilot’s license, a money transfer from overseas.

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Letter from the Editor
   By Tim Young, Editor-in-Chief - Pipeline.  

There is no hiding from legal implications. The law pervades many areas of our lives, from tax obligations to speeding ordinances to passive surveillance on many major streets and in many public places. We generally tolerate any inconveniences presented by the law, knowing that these laws represent an important aspect of society, and generally protect more liberties than they deprive. We trust the laws because we trust the intentions of the lawmakers who crafted them. We expect, as Aristotle termed it, good law.

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