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EMS too much toil and trouble?

The Nakina Network OS™ provides one powerful and scalable, carrier-grade solution to discover, secure and manage multi-vendor networks.

Network Equipment Vendors
Using Nakina's software, equipment vendors save substantial time and money on EMS development while gaining a market-leading, carrier-grade and competitively differentiated management solution with full functionality that is common across all their products.

Building a carrier-class, reliable and scalable network and element management system that meets the needs of tier-one service providers can be an expensive and time-consuming undertaking. Savvy equipment vendors are questioning the value of spending precious R&D dollars re-inventing basic fault, configuration, accounting, performance and security (FCAPS) for each new network element they develop. Instead, they are leveraging off-the-shelf products like the Nakina Network OS™ as their EMS solution, and reallocating resources to deliver the important features that will differentiate their product from competitors.

Nakina helps leading equipment vendors to quickly and easily integrate the management of all of their - and their partners' products under one network operating system. And it's all with one system. Only from Nakina.

Service Providers
Using Nakina's software, service providers expedite the rollout of next-generation services, improve and automate routine management tasks and reduce the 'OSS Integration Tax' by rationalizing the number of management systems required.

The era of service providers deploying single-vendor, proprietary management system software is coming to and end. It's inefficient. It's costly. And it's preventing major service providers from enjoying anticipated revenue streams by hindering the progress of very significant next-generation network deployments.

As a single point of integration between any vendors' networking products and higher-level management applications, the Nakina Network OS™ reduces operating expenses, bolsters identity management security, and improves workflow productivity by automating operations like software upgrades, backup and restore, discovery, fault, performance and configuration management. And it's all with one system. Only from Nakina.


EMS: A Necessary Evil? Let us show you a better way.

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