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Consolidation is Key
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Ensuring Customer Loyalty
During Network Consolidation
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increases that customer’s satisfaction and loyalty.

The combined power of EPM systems and predictive analytics not only drives revenue, it also saves customers. What if that Yankees fan had paid for a pricey feature on his mobile phone but not yet activated it? The predictive analytics system spots the error immediately and sends an automated alert to the customer with simple instructions on how to activate the feature. Alternately, predictive analytics can send the alert to an agent during a live customer interaction. By catching a mistake before it becomes a problem, the system ensures a higher level of customer satisfaction.

For CSPs, using predictive analytics was, until recently, more challenging due to the multitude of product catalogs to be managed; The more catalogs, the greater the number of policies required within a predictive analytics solution to generate offers. Now, however, EPM facilitates predictive analytics, providing a consistent set of product definitions and reducing the policies required to generate offers.

Brave New World: BSS/OSS as Competitive Asset

Given today’s tough competition and tougher customers, CSPs can’t afford to let the product catalog component of network consolidation take a toll on customer loyalty. Cable MSOs, Internet companies, and the new generation of content packagers have all converged on the communications and media marketplace, offering a continuing stream of product innovation. With so many choices available, customers are naturally more demanding – and they’re about to become more so.

Given todayís tough competition and tougher customers, CSPs canít afford to let the product catalog component of network consolidation take a toll on customer loyalty.

Soon CSPs will have to compete based on personalization. When that happens, companies relying on legacy product catalogs will find product management and service delivery infinitely more complex – and slower.

CSPs should leverage this time of network consolidation as an opportunity to embrace relationship management solutions that deliver greater value to the customer and to the corporate bottom line. A brave new world of financial performance awaits those that decide to transform the BSS/OSS as a vehicle for supporting the superior service experience.

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