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Seeking OSS at The Cable Show?
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By Tim Young

In preparing for NCTA’s The Cable Show, May 18-20 in New Orleans, we decided to approach a few key OSS companies who are heading to the show to find out what they're bringing to the table. In addition, we wanted to chat a bit about the state of OSS in the cable space, more generally. This was a great opportunity for Pipeline, as it serves as a handy preview for our June Issue: Cableco vs Telco.

First, we spoke to David Jacobs, CTO of the Amdocs OSS division. As you probably know, Amdocs announced its acquisition of Jacobs Rimell on April 8. Therefore, Amdocs was a sort of two-birds-with-one stone proposition for us. Here's what we found out:

Pipeline: First of all, what will you be exhibiting at the show?

Amdocs: Amdocs will be introducing its Customer Experience Systems (CES) packaged solution for mid-tier, multi-play providers. This solution provides multi-play service providers the revenue and subscriber management foundation they need to create a differentiated and intentional customer experience. We’ve leveraged the same expertise that drives the evolution of our CES portfolio, expertise that has been accumulated over 25 years of addressing service providers’ most complex needs, and established a packaged solution that specifically matches the tactical and strategic needs of mid-tier operators and their customers worldwide. This solution allows mid-tier service providers to offer Tier 1-level services and support to the market rapidly and at a low cost.

This was a great opportunity for Pipeline, as it serves as a handy preview for our June Issue: Cableco vs Telco.

bundles that take advantage of Data Over Cable Systems Interface Specification (DOCSIS) version 3.0 that includes Internet Protocol (IP) version 6 to enable higher speeds and support for the new range of DOCSIS 3.0 compatible user devices. This ensures that cable providers can continue to deliver the fastest, most reliable and flexible Internet service in the world, and that these providers will be able to maintain service offerings across systems that haven’t yet upgraded to DOCSIS 3.0. Additionally, we will demonstrate support for PacketCable 2.0 that allows MSOs to implement IMS-based services in a cable environment. These PacketCable 2.0 capabilities provide the necessary network foundation for consumer adoption of fixed-mobile convergence and other IMS-enabled services

Pipeline: Why did you decide to attend the Cable Show? Why should our

Jacobs Rimell will be demonstrating its full suite of business and residential product and service fulfillment solutions that allow multiple system operators (MSOs) to rapidly activate new subscribers for all products and services. Of particular interest at this year’s Cable Show will be our demonstration of how service providers can rapidly create new product

readers, who are interested in OSS, do the same?

Amdocs: The Cable Show is an important gathering of the business people that drive our industry and is the one major U.S. show where MSO content as well as network and

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