Startups Create their own IoT Landscape with Telekom SIM cards

Inexpensive Telekom tariff to explore the Internet of Things

  • Five to a maximum of ten SIM cards per customer with a one-year-term
  • Special tariff applies in all EU countries (Eurozone 1)
  • Entry opportunity for startups, newcomers and small companies
Explore the Internet of Things (short: IoT) with Telekom: Startups, newcomers and small companies can create their own IoT landscape with pre-activated SIM cards. And so, for example, optimize the flow of goods, production processes or maintenance intervals. A service portal to manage and monitor the cards is included in the offer. Business Smart Connect data tariffs were introduced 2019, LPWA Start is now limited to a period of 6 months starting April 1, 2021.

A maximum of 500 orders can be placed via webshop: a minimum of five, maximum of ten SIM cards per customer in multi-format. These need to be paid either in advance or by credit card. The pre-activated SIM cards can be used immediately in sensors, trackers and other IoT devices. Technology partner 1NCE offers a corresponding IoT platform to manage the cards on a service portal.

The sales period for Business Smart Connect LPWA Start ends on September 30, 2021 or after 500 orders. The contract period is limited to 12 months. 1000 megabytes of data and ten text messages cost EUR 1 over this period. An additional 500 MB and five SMS can be booked for 50 cents. The shipping fee is nine euros.

The use of 2G and LTE technologies is possible in all countries of the European Union. Roaming in the NB-IoT networks works with the national Telekom subsidiaries as well as with numerous roaming partners in Europe and with T‑Mobile USA.

Source: Deutsche Telekom media announcement

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