PCTEL Announces New 5G Antenna Platform

PCTEL Introduces New 5G Configurable Sharkfin Antenna for Intelligent Transportation

PCTEL, Inc. a leading global provider of wireless technology, today introduced its new 5G, configurable, and low-profile antenna platform for Intelligent Transportation and Public Safety applications.

The new Trooper Max 5G FR1 antenna platform has been designed to PCTEL’s high quality and performance standards. Configurable and optimized for multiband applications, the platform is ideal for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Public Safety applications because of the option to add Land Mobile Radio (LMR) connectivity through an external whip port. With a slender shark fin form factor, this antenna platform is recommended for installation on today’s leading Public Safety fleets. The Trooper Max antenna platform is compatible with the world’s leading cellular routers supporting 600 MHz to 6 GHz frequencies. It also covers Wi-Fi 6 frequency ranges.

“Communication systems are increasingly more complex and require reliable and seamless wireless connectivity utilizing multiple wireless standards for voice video and data links.” Our new Trooper Max antenna platform incorporates best-in-class technologies, and it has been engineered to address the challenges of intelligent transportation systems worldwide,” said Rishi Bharadwaj, PCTEL’s Chief Operating Officer.

Source: PCTEL Media Announcement


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