New Solution Helps Businesses Analyze Mobile Device Data Consumption

Tangoe Unlocks Complexity of Mobile Data Usage with New Application

Tangoe, Inc. today announced a new cloud-based data analytics application that enables businesses to monitor and analyze how mobile data is consumed by device, application, and transaction within each application

Tangoe, Inc. (NASDAQ:TNGO), a leading global provider of IT and Telecom Expense Management (TEM) software and related services, today introduced Aware, an advanced analytics application that gives Tangoe’s Mobility as a Service (MaaS) customers increased visibility into application usage behavior and the associated costs.

As mobile data costs have continued to increase, businesses have come under pressure to impose usage caps because there is not enough visibility into the patterns and behaviors of end users. The Aware application, which utilizes a patented technology, enables business to determine the division of subsidized mobile bills between work and personal usage. In the first release, the application offers our MaaS and Managed Mobility Service (MMS) clients the ability to monitor usage trends, or deviations from corporate application policies. Aware creates visibility into behavioral usage metrics, including the number of times an application is opened and the duration of use, along with the aggregation of data consumed.

“Tangoe is bringing to market an enterprise solution that will change the way businesses manage, measure, and track the impact mobile has on productivity and expenses,” said James Foy, Chief Executive Officer, Tangoe. “Aware enables businesses to transform their usage analytics from cost and reimbursement policies to measurable productivity practices by giving businesses a line of sight in to how mobile data is consumed by device, application, and transaction within each application.”

Tangoe’s MaaS offering simplifies mobility and provides businesses with a cost-effective solution to better enable their mobile workforces. Aware by Tangoe is a great compliment to MaaS, integrating seamlessly with Android for Work, a key component of the Google Nexus line of devices offered with Tangoe’s flagship MaaS offering. Additionally, Aware’s integration with enterprise mobility management allows administrators to set policies on errant applications that may be in use. These aspects of Aware help further simplify the management of mobile devices both before and after the devices reach the hands of the end user.

Tangoe’s MaaS is a pre-configured solution comprised of mobile operator service plans, the latest devices, and Tangoe’s industry leading mobility services, which span expense management services, logistics, and helpdesk services, all managed through a single integrated portal. MaaS clients will now benefit from the added value of the Aware application, providing insights including:

• Usage cost and behavior

• Quarterly/annual trends and comparison

• All applications available for counting

• Per application usage updates available immediately

• Data count aggregation/analytics;• Visibility to active/passive usage and

• Granular view of activity within application. 

Source: Tangoe release


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