New Chipset Expands Wi-Fi Bandwidth For More Intensive Data Applications

Amp'ed RF Expands Wi-Fi Bandwidth 3X by Unlocking Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS)

Wi-Fi and bluetooth SoC provider Amp'ed RF Wireless Technology today announced the availability of a new dynamic frequency selection (DFS)-enabled chipset that expands Wi-Fi bandwidth 3X for data intensive applications such as HD video, compression-free audio, and more

Amp'ed RF Wireless Technology, an international provider of advanced Wi-Fi and Bluetooth SoC, announces the availability of Amp'ed RF Wi-Fi IC (ACC1340) with DFS enabled. The new chipset opens new channels for data intensive applications including HD video, compression free audio, augmented reality, voice recognition and devices that require faster transmissions.

"Streaming video hogs bandwidth and just doesn't work well on the narrow and overcrowded resources of the 2.4GHz channels," said Kelly Simone, President & Chief Technology Officer of Amp'ed RF Wireless Technology. "Switching to 5GHz helps but it's still not enough because high bandwidth applications continue to expand at a rate of over 20% annually."

The solution to the overcrowding of Wi-Fi bandwidth is to offer an advanced feature set including Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS). Previously, chipmakers didn't build the integrated circuits (IC) or the firmware to use this untapped bandwidth.

"We're opening up an untapped resource. You get access to all 24 x 5GHz High-Band channels; compared with only 8 channels for many non-DFS chips," said Naz Usmani, VP of Global Sales at Amp'ed RF.

Amp'ed RF Wi-Fi IC (ACC1340) unlocks 802.11h DFS through hardware and embedded software. ACC1340 supports DFS channels allowing users access to all 24 5GHz high-band channels, which is three times the amount of channels found on many non-DFS chips.

"We have a cost-effective robust solution in our ACC1340 Wi-Fi dual-band 2.4/5GHz radio," said Naz.

Key Benefits of ACC1340

  • Unlocked 24 DFS channels
  • Dual Band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz support
  • Best in class RF performance
  • Supports Linux, Android, and embedded RTOS platforms
  • Concurrent mode STA/AP
  • Low number of external components

Specifications of ACC1340
Fully integrated Wi-Fi Radio single chip solution 
802.11 a/b/g/n, with WAP/WAP2/WAPI/WEP security protocols. 
ACC 1340 supports STA, Soft AP, HotSpot 2.0, and Wifi Direct. 
Concurrent mode STA and Soft AP support to enable complex connectivity scenario. 
2.4GHz and 5GHz dual band, with integrated with 2.4GHz PA to reduce external BOM component and cost.

Source: Amp'ed RF release


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