Cisco Announces Jabber with People Insights and Unifies the User Experience across Collaboration Tools

Helping Teams Move Faster with  Frictionless Collaboration

At Cisco Live! in San Diego, Cisco announced that all its devices are on the same operating system, and all apps are working collaboratively to provide a unified experience for end users. The newest example is that messaging app, Jabber will look and feel like Webex Teams and cross-populate information between both apps.

Cisco says that unifying the collaboration portfolio is intended to make life easier for users and IT alike - whether making a call, joining a meeting, sending an IM or solving an important problem within a team. Leveraging control of hardware, software, devices, and the network to run it all, Cisco is promising to take the friction out of  team collaboration.

Originally available for Webex Meetings, the AI-driven People Insights will be available across the Cisco collaboration portfolio—calling, messaging, meetings, and even Jabber.

Liberty Technology, Ben Johnson, CEO/Founder explained “At Liberty Technology we are passionate about providing our customers the very best in collaboration user experiences to help in their digitization strategy. We have known that user engagement in meetings is increased with the Webex platform, so when we started testing Cisco's People Insights capability it gave us a new perspective on how Cisco plans to enhance user productivity across the platform to make meetings more productive. Cisco engaged early to learn from Liberty Technology and we were able to provide vital feedback to help shape the outcome of this feature which shows that Cisco listens. Connecting with our customers is extremely critical to us and we have seen People Insights become a vital part of our meetings now and we wondered how we met without it."

“We’re going to keep bringing customers layer after layer of rich intelligence and context, while also making sure we provide the best, most seamless experience, across our entire portfolio,” said Amy Chang, SVP, Cisco Collaboration. “We’re delivering technology that works smoothly together and is backed by intelligence and business insights. Our customers are going to enjoy massively personalized experiences that will transform the way they work.”

Source: Cisco media announcement

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