C Spire Boosting Network Capabilities

C Spire Deploying More LTE Network Capacity and Peak Speed Enhancements

The country's sixth largest mobile services provider has announced it is increasing LTE network capacity and peak speeds in selected markets across the country to optimize its mobile experience

 C Spire is ramping up deployment of new features in its LTE network that will boost capacity and peak speeds for wireless customers as part of the latest phase of a next-generation technology initiative for the nation's largest privately held mobile services provider.

The telecom and technology services company, which operates the nation's sixth largest wireless communications unit, began rolling out the enhancements in March –selected areas in Cleveland, Collins, Columbus, Greenville, Hattiesburg, Laurel and Louisville, Mississippi – and now has the enhancements in 40 cities with similar upgrades planned through October.

New hardware and other changes are enabling the latest network enhancements, including up to 50 percent faster peak wireless data speeds. "The next generation of LTE works like a finely-tuned race car," said Alan Jones, senior vice president of Network Engineering and Development, noting that users get a massive speed boost when they need it most in dense areas with heavy data demands.

Source: C Spire media announcement


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