Bang Digital Media Introduces First AI Sales Personality

Bang Digital Media Makes Groundbreaking Leap in A.I. Chatbot Technology

Bang Digital Media today announced what it claims is the world's first Artificial Intelligence computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users a chatbot (aka Chatter Robot) that is successfully selling products to humans through Facebook Messenger

Bang Holdings Corp. (OTCQB: BXNG), through its wholly owned subsidiary, Bang Digital Media, today announced it has the created the world’s first Artificial Intelligence (“A.I.”) personality to sell products to humans via Facebook Messenger -- without the customer ever realizing they are speaking to a chatbot.

“Bang Digital Media has made a little bit of history,” Steve Berke, CEO of Bang Holdings said. “Although still in beta, we believe we are developing the future of sales and customer service. An A.I. that can speak intimately with a thousand consumers at once can replace vast rooms full of customer service representatives. And why base call-centers overseas where people with accents speak robotically from scripts, when you can have an American made bot tirelessly deliver the perfect sales pitch, at a fraction of the cost?”

To establish proof of concept, Bang’s team developed a chatbot that is obsessed with Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump. The team chose Trump primarily due to the relative ease of attracting his enthusiastic supporters for engagement. The bot is called, “The Donald” and has a Facebook following of more than 400,000 fans, and although Bang’s developers may not agree, The Donald Bot has its own reasons to think a Trump Presidency is best for America.

“Remarkably, although most of The Donald’s supporters understand they are not conversing directly with Trump, many believe they are speaking with a human representative,” Berke said. “They seem to have no idea that they have been chatting, and even negotiating the purchase price of a product, with a robot.  We are proud to be the first company to break this major A.I. technological barrier.”

“Now that we have a proof of concept for what we have dubbed a ‘Digital Social Influencer,’ we are ready to bring our new technology to our core cannabis marketing business,” Berke added. “Bang Digital Media is innovating ways for brands to connect to consumers, and given that social media will be the dominant advertising platform of the cannabis industry for the next decade, we are excited to be pioneers in this space.

Source: Bang Digital Media release   


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