ATX Showcases Digital Return Solution for Upstream Bandwidth Boost

ATX Introduces High-Split Digital Return Solution for Cisco GS7000 Node

New product enables upstream bandwidth boost for installed base of GS7000 nodes and Prisma XD optical equipment

ATX Networks, a global leader in broadband access and media distribution solutions, is showcasing a digital return solution that will enable Cisco® GS7000 nodes to support upstream frequencies of up to 204MHz at this week’s SCTE Cable-Tec Expo.

The GigaXtend™ 204MHz Digital Return Solution is designed to accelerate support for high-split spectrum provisioning in Cisco’s widely-installed GS7000 optical nodes, enabling MSOs that have deployed the platform to expand their broadband service offerings, including a 1Gbps symmetrical service option.

“The timely and seamless adoption of a digital return solution is critical to GS7000 customers that have yet to transition to a Distributed Access Architecture and will require a high-split upgrade to expand upstream bandwidth,” said Mike Whitley, VP of Access Networks Products at ATX. “ATX is excited to provide some of the largest communications companies in the world with critical technology that will allow them to evolve their HFC networks cost-efficiently and in lockstep with subscriber demand.”

The solution includes the GigaXtend 204MHz Digital Return Transmitter Module (GS7000 compatible), a plug-in for the Cisco GS7000 Node, and the companion GigaXtend 204MHz Digital Return Receiver Module (Prisma XD compatible), which resides in a headend-located Cisco Prisma XD chassis.

The availability of a high-split plug-in module for GS7000 nodes provides cable operators with another option for extending the speed and bandwidth of their HFC networks. In addition to enabling MSOs to further leverage existing infrastructure investments, the newly-available digital return solution gives cable operators an immediate and cost-efficient alternative for fending off competitive threats.

“Expanding upstream bandwidth is a critical step toward CableLabs’ ambitious 10G initiative,” added Whitley. “ATX is committed to meeting the needs of our customers at every step of that journey.”

Source: ATX media announcement


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