AT&T Provides AW North Carolina With Cybersecurity Solution To Mitigate Threats

AW North Carolina Looks to AT&T to Help Secure Business Operations

AT&T announced it has been tapped by leading automotive transmission manufacturer AW North Carolina to prevent service disruptions the company has been experiencing from ransomware and viruses

 AT&T provides AW North Carolina, a leading manufacturer of automatic transmissions, with security and mobility business services. The solutions will help connect employees and protect data across the AW North Carolina network. 

Today’s businesses face growing cybersecurity threats. AT&T research published in October found that 90% of companies experienced a preventable cyberattack last year.

To stay protected, businesses should consider a multilayered approach. However, many organizations don’t have the resources to develop and manage a layered security approach on their own.

AW North Carolina looked to AT&T after experiencing service disruptions from ransomware and viruses, harming day-to-day operations. This also halted production at times, creating a potential loss of revenue.

AT&T and its Cybersecurity Consulting Division deployed an Incident Response and Forensics team who were able to identify and eradicate the ransomware and get AW North Carolina back online. The company now uses AT&T network, mobility and security solutions:

·       AT&T AVPN. This provides a private and highly secure network connection for AW North Carolina so that their employees can transmit data more securely between various locations.

·       Network-Based Firewall. This scans and detects potential threats. It filters out known and suspected attacks in near real-time. This creates agility to meet the ever-changing needs of an organization.

·       AT&T Secure Email Gateway. This tailors email protection to specific infrastructure and business needs and requires no hardware or software to buy, manage or maintain.

·       AT&T Cloud Web Security Service. This helps protect against viruses and malware. It also offers custom security policies and controls across the network so employees can benefit from maximum uptime and avoid downtime.

·       Enterprise Mobility Management. This manages mobile devices and endpoints to help reduce security risks. Employees have virtually seamless access to their apps without interruptions.

“It was essential to find a solution to these attacks as quickly as possible,” said John Peterson, General Manager of Information Technology, AW North Carolina. “A highly secure network is key to our success. Now, it’s no longer a matter of chasing a virus from one network connection to the next to identify compromised computers. Throughout the process, AT&T was a trusted advisor.”  

“Today, an attack could mean a loss of reputation, revenue, and resources,” said Todd Waskelis, Vice President of AT&T Security Consulting. “Reacting quickly and with the right tools is of the utmost importance. We worked with AW North Carolina to understand the root cause of this attack and how it happened using Incident Response and Forensics capabilities to not only protect their business, but to also improve their security protections to help  prevent further security issues.”

AW North Carolina, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aisin AW of Japan, the world’s number one automatic transmission manufacturer, builds fully assembled transmissions and components for Toyota’s North America plants.  AT&T services will help to prevent cyber threats across its 2 campuses with 2,200 employees.

Source: AT&T media announcment


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