AT&T Launches In-Car Wi-Fi Plans

AT&T Launches Affordable In-Car Wi-Fi Plans

Enjoy AT&T's new in-car Wi-Fi data rate plan for seamless connectivity on the road.

AT&T announced the launch of a new data rate plan for in-car Wi-Fi. New and existing AT&T postpaid wireless customers with an eligible unlimited plan can add a vehicle for $10 a month plus taxes and fees.2 Eligible plans include Unlimited Starter, Elite or Premium.3 Customers can go to to check their vehicle identification number to see if their vehicle is Wi-Fi eligible.

AT&T is also offering a 4-day in-car Wi-Fi Test Drive. The offer is valid from Nov. 16 through Dec. 31, 2023. To take advantage of the offer, customers can visit AT&T 4-Day Test Drive to sign up.

With AT&T in-car Wi-Fi, it’s easy to stream video and music, play games and catch up on work from the from the open road. Passengers can stay connected on multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices in their vehicle all at once4. They can also power in-dash applications and devices like navigation, streaming audio and voice assistance.

The combination of AT&T’s network strength and leadership in the IoT and connected car space helps transform the way drivers and passengers experience connectivity while on the move.

AT&T in-car Wi-Fi features a built-in antenna to enhance your reliable Wi-Fi connection no matter where the road takes you. You can enjoy AT&T in-car Wi-Fi inside and outside of your vehicle while tailgating, camping or working remotely on the devices you love.

“We believe in bringing the power of connectivity to every part of our lives, including vehicles,” said Hardmon Williams, SVP, AT&T Connected Solutions. “Our new in-car Wi-Fi data rate plan redefines the concept of on-the-road connectivity, offering blazing-fast speeds and limitless possibilities for entertainment and productivity.”

Source: AT&T media announcement

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