Windstream Deploys Equinox's Business Assurance Solution

Windstream Deploys Next Generation Solution From Equinox


Market-leading FMS provider Equinox Information Systems announced the deployment of their latest business assurance solution at Windstream, an award-winning software and communications company who serves customers around the world.

Equinox began helping telecom companies stop fraud, mediate usage data, manage expense, and optimize revenue in 1986. The two companies initially embarked on a relationship in 2010 when Windstream tasked Equinox with implementing the Protector fraud management solution (FMS) across their ever-growing network. Soon thereafter, Windstream acquired Paetec, who had relied on a suite of Equinox business assurance solutions starting in 2001. Both companies agreed Protector was the best safeguard for their combined network and customers. Additionally, Windstream deemed Protector the right solution at other companies they acquired and/or merged with over the past decade. This latest project, the largest thus far, included not only licensing and deploying the all-new Protector 11 framework, but it also included consolidation and streamlining of all those legacy applications.

“Everyone at Windstream Fraud is thankful for the outstanding service and support Equinox has provided and continues to provide,” explained Scott Eggiman, Supervisor, Voice Fraud at Windstream. “I am personally very appreciative for the relationship we’ve cultivated over the years, and this latest project simply reinforced that. The team’s skill, expertise, and patience were awesome as we navigated a migration in conjunction with this rollout!”

The name “Protector” is synonymous with fraud management in the telecommunication industry. The FMS provides real-time protection, generates immediate alerts, and provides automatic blocking and active call tear down when warranted. Beyond that, Protector 11’s architecture handles hundreds of millions of records per day while maintaining lightning-fast response times in the interface. Its processing engine supports all record types, includes advanced security and privacy protocols, dramatically eases setup and administration time, and, thanks to an extremely extensible framework, it removes many barriers that constrained previous fraud management solutions.

“Equinox recognizes and celebrates the partnership we’ve formed with Windstream these past 12 years,” said Equinox EVP David West. “Windstream’s commitment to protecting customers and offering innovative services is evident in their decision to license this next generation Protector 11 application.”

Source: Windstream media announcement


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