Ultra Mobile Expands Unlimited Calling to 80 Worldwide Destinations

Ultra Mobile Targets 1 Billion International Minutes as it Expands Unlimited Calling to More than 80 Global Destinations

Ultra Mobile, the nationwide carrier focused on democratizing wireless communication, announced today the expansion of its unlimited calling program to more than 80 destinations around the world.  With over 900,000,000 minutes of international calls over the past twelve months, this expansion pushes forward the target of one billion international minutes in 2019.

"At Ultra Mobile, we value our work to keep people connected with loved ones abroad, in an affordable and accessible way," says Ultra Mobile SVP Sales, Erin Anderson. "We want to make it more affordable to stay connected with friends and family around the world. Our users are able to tailor any plan to meet their exact needs and cut out any unnecessary costs or complications."

Since launching in 2011, Ultra Mobile has strived to make international calling as simple and affordable as calling across the street. The cost to call different destinations ranges wildly, and there's no one-size-fits-all calling plan. This is why Ultra has developed a hybrid pricing scheme - to provide as many users as possible with an affordable and accessible international calling experience.

Unlimited International to 80+ destinations

Starting at $19, Ultra's Classic Plans all include unlimited talk nationwide and to more than 80 international destinations, as well as unlimited global text and unlimited data, with the amount of data at 4G LTE speeds ranging from 1GB on the $19 plan to unlimited on the $49 plan. Those with limited 4G LTE will then throttle to 128kbps, and users can top up their 4G data or wait until their month refreshes. Customers also get a bonus 1GB of 4G LTE data every month when they purchase 3 months at a time.

Top destinations in this unlimited group include Canada, China, Dominican Republic, India and Mexico, while the new additions include Algeria, Angola, Bhutan, Brunei, Japan, Namibia, Northern Mariana Islands, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates.

39 uTalk destinations

For those who want to call more expensive destinations, Ultra has created uTalk which is included with the $39 plan, and which gives users up to 1,250 additional minutes to a chosen destination above and beyond the Unlimited 80+. Today's plan expansion grows this list from 17 to 39 and is particularly great news to those who frequently call Africa, Asia and Central and South America. 

Industry-Leading Per Minute Rates

Finally, for any country not already covered, Ultra offers industry-leading per minute rates to all destinations, using international credit that comes with every plan except the $39 plan which has uTalk, and can be purchased as an add on to all. These rates continue to change with the market, and today Ultra is dropping the price of calling 20 destinations even further down.

Ultra Flex

Catering to the most budget-conscious, Ultra Flex is available for as low as $12.50 a month when a user purchases four lines or four months at a time. The plan offers unlimited domestic talk, global text, 250MB of 4G LTE data per line or month as well as unlimited talk to 15 international destinations, up from the previous 10 destinations.

Today's plan improvements demonstrate that Ultra is staying true to its key focus of serving the international diaspora, and remaining committed to breaking down barriers of communication.

A brief summary of Ultra's international expansion:

Increase in unlimited destinations to 80+. New destinations include Algeria Landline, Angola Landline, Bhutan Landline, Brunei Landline, Japan Mobile, Namibia Mobile, Northern Mariana Islands Landline, Pakistan Zong Network, and United Arab Emirates Landline.

Increase in uTalk destinations to 39. New destinations include Costa Rica Mobile, United Arab Emirates Mobile and Landline, Bolivia Mobile and Landline, Kenya Mobile and Landline, South Africa Mobile, Philippines Mobile and Landline, Belize Mobile and Landline, Tanzania Mobile and Landline, Senegal Mobile and Landline, Ethiopia Mobile and Landline, Ghana Mobile and Landline, Ukraine Mobile and Landline, Algeria Mobile, Eritrea Mobile and Landline, Cameroon Mobile and Landline, Nicaragua Mobile and Landline, Morocco Mobile, Sierra Leone Mobile and Landline, Uganda Mobile and Landline, Somalia Mobile and Landline, Liberia Mobile and Landline, and Zimbabwe Mobile and Landline.

Increase in Flex unlimited destinations from 10 to 15, adding Mobile and Landline to South Korea, Malaysia, Brazil, Italy and Ireland.

Source: Ultra Mobile media announcement


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