US Marine Corps Selects MetTel for Broadband Internet Service

U.S. Marine Corps Recruits MetTel for Broadband Internet Service

MetTel will help USMC strategically prepare for IoT, video conferencing and future broadband requirements at approximately 1,500 locations worldwide

The United States Marine Corps Recruiting Command selected MetTel, a communications and digital transformation leader, to provide broadband Internet services to the U.S. Marine Corps' Recruiting Command Centers around the globe.

Diana Gowen, General Manager and Senior Vice President, MetTel Federal and CEO Marshall Aronow announce MetTel’s contract award with U.S. Marine Corps Recruiting Command Centers for Broadband Internet Service

The mission of the Recruiting Command is to attract the highest quality candidates from America's diverse talent pool to assure mission success.  Faced with aging and costly Internet infrastructure, the Marine Corps Recruiting Command enlisted MetTel to replace costly and sometimes unreliable T-1 lines with high bandwidth internet service, along with a robust and flexible internet access infrastructure with the bandwidth and speed to meet the demands of the Corps' recruiting efforts. Working with MetTel, many download speeds at recruiting stations have increased from 1.5 Mbps up to 25 Mbps, while reducing telecommunication costs on replaced services by more than 70 percent across Marine Corps Recruiting Districts.

MetTel will also provide managed help-desk services as well as invoicing/billing oversight, further helping to reduce network downtime while cutting costs and ensuring the Marine Corps Recruiting Command pricing for carrier services is competitive.

In a statement to U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee in 2018, the U.S. Secretary of Defense cited one of its priorities as restoring the "department's business practices for performance and affordability." Adding that "the Department is transitioning to a culture of performance and affordability that operates at the speed of relevance."

MetTel is working to enable the Marine Corps Recruiting Command to operate at the speed of relevance through the deployment of these high bandwidth internet services. Throughout the term of the contract for the services, MetTel aims to provide significant business value and help position Very Small Site Design (VSSD) sites to strategically meet its future bandwidth requirements, including 5G capabilities and fostering an internet environment that will even support video conferencing.

Selected for its technical expertise and ability to provide low cost high bandwidth access at recruiting locations, the award was made through the DISA/DITCO contracting office using MetTel's GSA Schedule 70.

"The MetTel Solution provides the U.S. Marine Corp Recruiting Command with a robust and flexible Internet access infrastructure that will provide significant business value in the near term," said Diana Gowen, General Manager and SVP, Federal Program, MetTel. As the Marine Corp Recruiting Command competes for talent from a diverse, technologically savvy workforce, enabling our recruiters with the latest technology is critical."

MetTel is in a position to provide the U.S. Marine Corp Recruiting Command with a range of services that will encompass Ethernet, Cable, Fiber or other technologies to provide secure connectivity. MetTel will also provide Program Management, Network Monitoring and a Customer Service Desk (CSD).

Source: MetTel media announcement


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