TELUS and Eseye Partner for Seamless IoT

TELUS makes global IoT connectivity seamless with TELUS Global Connect

Strategic partnership with IoT leader Eseye will provide businesses with seamless cellular IoT connectivity to 700 networks across 190 countries

Today, world-leading communications technology company TELUS announced the launch of TELUS Global Connect, enabling TELUS customers to customize and manage IoT device connectivity on cellular networks around the globe. Combined with TELUS’ anticipation of even greater market demand for cloud virtualization of services, this enhanced partnership complements TELUS’ tools, capabilities, and momentum to not only respond to, but also anticipate and leverage the combined requirements for emerging services and global reach demanded by customers. The launch of TELUS Global Connect is part of a growing partnership between TELUS and Eseye, a pioneer of leading-edge IoT connectivity management solutions, and includes a TELUS Ventures investment in Eseye of $26.3M CAD (£15M GBP).

“We are constantly striving to provide better value and more flexibility to TELUS IoT customers, who already enjoy access to Canada’s largest dedicated IoT network. Now, TELUS Global Connect delivers a platform for customers to enjoy that same reliable connectivity beyond Canada's borders in nearly every country on the planet,” said Mike Cihra, TELUS Vice President, IoT. “More than a standalone platform, TELUS Global Connect fulfils customers’ demands for an enterprise-grade network operation powering their products and services from connectivity through to built-in security and world-class support. By simplifying access to global networks, TELUS Global Connect removes a barrier to international expansion for many businesses, contributing to a stronger economy for us all. As evidence of our tireless commitment to help transform our customers’ organizations, our partnership for IoT connectivity management acknowledges the global nature and requirements of so many of our customers’ operations, and is a clear signal of our intention to invest to satisfy those requirements, as our customers progress on their journeys to grow their businesses internationally.”

Eseye was selected to enrich the TELUS IoT offering with a white-labelled, global IoT connectivity management solution that delivers near 100% global connectivity management across 700 mobile networks in 190 countries. TELUS IoT customers will have access to localized IoT networks in key markets around the world, enabling them to offer competitive pricing, lower latency for data and application function, and a host of additional network features such as high availability, continuity of service, and resiliency that are critical to IoT customers. The platform also delivers options for integration with AWS and Microsoft Azure, providing flexibility for customers and developers to integrate their own cloud-based services. 

“This strategic partnership and investment in Eseye marks an inflection point for the company. Our many years at the leading edge of cellular IoT connectivity have seen us deliver value to more than 2,000 customers across the globe,” said Nick Earle, CEO of Eseye. “Today this partnership validates our technology platform and goal to provide ubiquitous, cellular connectivity to devices anywhere in the world. We’re excited to be working with TELUS to deliver this new global IoT capability to their customers."

TELUS Global Connect offers IoT customers a single SIM with multi-IMSI carrier profiles, a single contract, and a single platform and connectivity partner to simplify and optimize global IoT deployments. TELUS’ eSIM partnership with Eseye enables significant development potential in the near-term, including connecting and managing a range of OEM devices and alternative hardware platforms, enabling a significant return on customers’ own investments in their mobile and fixed device fleets. Further, customers have always-on access to the TELUS IoT Centre of Excellence, and a dedicated support team to help with everything from onboarding to technical troubleshooting.

The $26.3M CAD investment by TELUS Ventures will enable Eseye to drive product development, customer success, and expand sales and marketing activities to meet growing demand from enterprises for reliable global cellular IoT connectivity.

“TELUS is a leader in IoT connectivity and technologies in Canada, and this investment in Eseye will help to expand our IoT leadership across the globe, delivering our customers best-in-class IoT solutions,” said Rich Osborn, President and Managing Partner, TELUS Ventures. “Eseye’s innovative technologies and proven leadership in the IoT connectivity space make the company an excellent fit with TELUS and, together, brings a formidable strength to the global market.”

Key takeaways:

  • TELUS launches global IoT connectivity management platform TELUS Global Connect enabling TELUS IoT customers to customize and manage cellular IoT device connectivity across the globe

  • Powered by an integration with Eseye’s AnyNet Connectivity Platform, TELUS Global Connect customers will have near 100% global cellular connectivity with access to 700 global networks in 190 countries, including localized IoT connections in key regulated markets

  • Global customers are supported by the TELUS IoT Centre of Excellence, 24/7 and 365 days a year to manage onboarding and troubleshooting

  • The TELUS and Eseye partnership includes a $26.3M CAD (£15M GBP) investment by TELUS Ventures in Eseye
Source: TELUS media announcement

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