Slalom and Kawasaki Support Rail Track Maintenance with IoT

Slalom supports Kawasaki's IoT innovation to address the challenge of rail track maintenance in North America

Global consulting firm Slalom is helping Kawasaki develop an advanced rail track monitoring and maintenance solution on the Microsoft Azure platform to make railways safer

Slalom and Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. (Kawasaki) have agreed to jointly develop a rail track maintenance support service that Kawasaki is beginning to deploy in the North American market.

Kawasaki released the track remote monitoring service last May and has already begun providing the initial offering to major freight rail operators in North America. The service has been highly acclaimed by customers for its advanced and promising nature.

In collaboration with Slalom, Kawasaki aims to develop the platform to offer even greater customer value and speed. Kawasaki and Slalom will work together to create products that leverage the advanced IoT, machine learning, and AI capabilities powered by Microsoft Azure.

“Through this collaboration, we will contribute to the safe and secure operation of rail mobility by continuously providing value-added services to freight rail operators through product development utilizing cutting-edge technology,” says Yusuke Hirose, President of Kawasaki Rail Car, Inc.

Slalom will also provide its product engineering know-how and approach developed in the North American market to support the creation of a product engineering team within Kawasaki.

“We are very excited to participate in the digital transformation of Kawasaki's business and the creation of new businesses,” says Ryuta Hosaka, Japan location lead for Slalom Build. “Through this initiative, we will leverage Slalom's global network and modern engineering expertise across North America and Japan to support Kawasaki's digital software engineering organization and talent development.”

Nobuyoshi Yokoi, Microsoft Japan, general manager of enterprise manufacturing division, said, “In collaboration with Slalom, Microsoft continues to support the development of this service, which will contribute to the safe and secure operation of railroad mobility and will work to help Kawasaki promote digital transformation and expand new business.”

Source: Slalom media announcement


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