Salesforce Announces Public Sector Certifications, AI and Automation Tools

Salesforce Announces Public Sector Certifications, AI and Automation Tools

The new implementations and capabilities will help accelerate mission impact

Salesforce unveiled new capabilities and compliance certifications across Customer 360 for Public Sector. Now, government organizations can modernize their services with pre-built, government-specific capabilities that meet stringent compliance requirements on a single automated and intelligent platform.

Driving compliance: Over half of government employees say their jobs have become more digitized in the last two years, and 35% say their agency receives more security threats now than two years ago. 

  • Salesforce Government Cloud Plus – Defense has now achieved DISA Impact Level 5 provisional authorization, so the U.S. Department of Defense and authorized defense contractors can use the Salesforce platform to better achieve their mission. 
  • This is in addition to Government Cloud Plus’s existing FedRAMP High and DISA Impact Level 4-authorized environment, which allows U.S. federal and local government agencies to build and deploy apps that contain most types of controlled unclassified information. 

“With these compliance certifications, Salesforce continues to demonstrate commitment to meet the evolving U.S. government security needs,” said Dave Rey, President, Global Public Sector, Salesforce. “These new environments allow the U.S. DoD to digitally transform quickly with CRM, data, and automation, and at scale, giving them the tools they need to be more efficient.” 

The need for Customer 360: With post-pandemic labor and budget shortages, government organizations need to find a way to do more with less — without compromising cybersecurity or the constituent experience. 

What’s new in Customer 360 for Public Sector: Only 16% of constituents believe that the government has successfully used technology to improve their experiences. Agencies need to be able to tap into cutting-edge technology, including real-time data, AI, and automation, to deliver proactive personalized experiences citizens are asking for while helping them understand and access public services quickly and easily with proactive delivery of personalized programs. 

Automation, analytics, and intelligence capabilities purpose-built for the public sector include: 

  • Benefit Management for Public Sector, which offers automated and AI-powered digital-first case management, streamlined search, and enrollment processes to help agencies provide a more efficient and better citizen experience with public assistance programs, providing better support while saving costs. 
  • Crisis Center Support for Public Sector gives crisis center counselors easy access to automated and pre-configured workflows like intake forms, built-in assessments, provider search, and patient history to help identify risk of self-harm while automatically compiling crisis center reporting all from a single intelligent console.
  • Analytics for Public Sector includes ready-to-use dashboards that help agencies jumpstart their data culture for a variety of use cases, including constituent service, grants management, licensing and permitting, and emergency response. Agencies can combine Tableau Accelerators with their data and customize them to fit their needs while helping them get data-driven insights faster.
  • Field Service for Public Sector is designed to help government workers in the field to support public infrastructure, assets, and individuals efficiently and effectively. Now cities, emergency dispatch teams, and public works organizations can operate in the field with increased knowledge, consistency, and speed, powered by real-time data, automation, and AI.
  • And, with Data Cloud for Public Sector, governments can connect, harmonize, and activate constituent data to help agency leaders provide a better experience to citizens. 

“In an increasingly digital world, citizens expect to be able to engage with government agencies, anywhere they are, without friction. And, agencies of all sizes are being asked to do more with less, so they need automated, intelligent solutions to help them modernize service and deliver experiences that are secure, efficient, and easy. With Salesforce, agencies can achieve faster time to value and accelerate digital service delivery, helping to improve mission outcomes and better engage with citizens,” said Nasi Jazayeri, EVP and GM, Public Sector, Salesforce.

Source: Salesforce media announcement


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