Pluribus Networks Drives Data Center Modernization for Scavolini

Pluribus Networks Deployed for Data Center Modernization by Italian Kitchen Manufacturer Scavolini

Increased operational efficiency and network agility delivers IT and business benefits

Pluribus Networks, a leader in open networking and next-generation software-defined networking (SDN), announced today that Scavolini, a global manufacturer of custom kitchens headquartered in Italy, has deployed Dell EMC Open Networking hardware with Pluribus’ Netvisor® ONE operating system and Adaptive Cloud Fabric™ as part of a data center modernization upgrade from a 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) network to a leaf-and-spine network running at 25 GbE and 100 GbE.

Scavolini has been a leader in the design and manufacturing of kitchens for more than half a century. Since its inception, the company has been committed to delivering innovative designs and continually improving its manufacturing and distribution processes. Over the years, Scavolini has experienced consistent growth by utilizing a complex production process enabling the company to create kitchens for more than 50 international markets.

Data Center Modernization

In its data center network, Scavolini implemented a leaf-and-spine topology to support north-south traffic on its data center servers, with the spine switches also serving as the core of the campus network. The network functions as a stretched fabric spanning two sites, and it encompasses about 200 ports, with leaf-and-spine switches deployed to support clustered servers at each site. Previously, Scavolini was running a 10 GbE network that ran critical workloads such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), Exchange email servers and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software for furniture production. As part of the data center modernization project, Scavolini sought open networking solutions to upgrade the leaf-and-spine network to 25 GbE and 100 GbE, creating an infrastructure that can keep pace with the continued growth of the business.

Scavolini was attracted to the flexibility and cost savings benefits of Dell EMC Open Networking solutions, along with the software flexibility, broad ecosystem integration, automation and cost savings compared to vertically integrated solutions. Pluribus’ software was chosen because of its SDN capabilities that enabled automation and programmability across the multi-site data center infrastructure. Pluribus software is also available on 11 Dell EMC switches, providing Scavolini with architectural flexibility and rapid deployment.

“Scavolini needed greater bandwidth and speeds in our data center network, but what we didn’t need was additional complexity for our IT team. Pluribus gives us a high degree of automation and programmability across our multi-site data centers, simplifying processes and network management while scaling our networking team. Thanks to the capabilities delivered by Pluribus, we can do far more today for the business, from employee mobility (VDI) to IT cost containment and network virtualization – all with the same team and budget,” said Edoardo Gentili, Information Systems Manager at Scavolini.

Adaptive Cloud Fabric for Multi-Site Data Centers

Pluribus delivers on the promise of SDN in the data center with the Netvisor ONE operating system and Adaptive Cloud Fabric. Scavolini gains a complete view of the entire state of the network, enabling the company to automate across the entire network. Pluribus’ controllerless architecture leverages the processing power inside the switches, distributing the intelligence to every switch. Scavolini’s small IT team can now troubleshoot or update policy across the entire fabric from any switch in the fabric. By not requiring costly controllers, Pluribus removes the need for an out-of-band management channel, eliminating a single point of failure and reducing latency by making intelligence local to the switch.

“This was a highly successful data center modernization project. By leveraging the power of Dell EMC Open Networking hardware with Pluribus’ proven SDN capabilities, Scavolini has greatly enhanced the performance of its data center infrastructure and the visibility of its IT team across the organization. Data center modernization projects shouldn’t bring added complexity; they should leverage SDN to drive automation and programmability everywhere,” said Kumar Srikantan, CEO, Pluribus Networks.

Source: Pluribus Networks media announcement


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