Orolia and NexGen Partner on Time-as-a-Service Solutions

Orolia and NexGen Launch Time as a Service Partnership

Resilient, Traceable and Precise Timing Solutions for Financial and Enterprise Networks

Orolia and NexGen Networks announced today the signing of a strategic partnership to increase the security and reliability of financial trading systems and other critical networks that rely on extremely accurate timing. This Time as a Service (TaaS) technology solution delivers reliable and resilient time sources, as well as increased security through assured redundancy, interference detection, and mitigation -- without the need to buy, deploy and maintain hardware.

Resilient timing solutions are essential for financial and other critical infrastructure programs where time plays a critical role in operations or meeting regulatory requirements. Whether from unintentional interference or deliberate system spoofing and jamming, critical networks are more and more vulnerable to service interruptions. Choosing the right resilient timing solution can help ensure continuous access, verify authentic data transactions and prevent malicious attacks. This timing industry news was announced during the annual Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC) Summit in New York, NY.

The Orolia-NexGen partnership will offer customers a best-in-class combination of the industry’s most advanced timing solutions, including Orolia’s DISA-approved SecureSync® wireless resilient time server platform, BroadShield® interference detection and mitigation technology, and anti-jam antennas. NexGen’s proven data center and fiber optic network solutions will provide additional resiliency through dark fiber, wired connections to draw upon other time servers if a site becomes compromised. The combined technology suite delivers the full range of resilient timing solutions in a TaaS format that requires no hardware investments.

“Today’s financial systems and other critical infrastructure networks are increasingly vulnerable to network attacks that can disable operations and cause millions of dollars in damage,” said Orolia Commercial Director Jeremy Onyan. “We’re excited to introduce this unique resilient timing partnership to better protect and enable critical infrastructure networks worldwide with a cost-effective, service-based approach.”

“The importance of robust timing infrastructure for not only the financial industry is rapidly becoming invaluably relevant on cybersecurity agendas across all industries,” said NexGen’s Senior Sales Director Janesh Mistry. “This partnership represents the best-in class-expertise combining both Global Telecoms and Timing to deliver a Zero-Hardware solution for enterprises to readily consume within datacenters across the globe.” 

Source: Orolia media announcement


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