Next-Gen Cloudify Spire Orchestrates Distributed Networks to the Edge

Cloudify Spire Helps Telcos and Enterprises Conquer the Edge without Falling Off

Orchestrates Distributed Networks, Edge Sites and Devices, End-to-end, at Scale

Cloudify, an open source orchestration platform provider, today announced Cloudify Spire, the next generation of orchestration designed to connect and control distributed networks, devices, and applications all the way to the edge. The company is demonstrating Spire this week at MWC Barcelona 2019 in Hall 5, Stand 5G85.

Edge networking is on the rise, driven by the growth of mobile, IoT and 5G. Success requires taking a fresh look at network architecture and strategies. It is not easy to go from a monolithic approach to a virtualized, cloud-native, and software-driven network that connects headquarters to multiple branches and deploys new services such as SD-WAN, Virtualized Customer Premises Equipment (vCPE), and IoT devices. Companies need to manage distributed applications and data and deploy all this, from core to edge.

Cloudify Spire addresses these challenges by featuring a unique micro-orchestration architecture that scales without limitations and manages network services across domains. Spire also includes multi-domain orchestration capabilities and an intuitive user interface that provides a single point of access to the entire cluster across highly distributed networks, edge sites and geographic locations.

“When the need to enable edge computing arose, we realized that no existing orchestrator could manage distributed networks or meet the scale of potentially billions of managed devices. Cloudify Spire was developed to address these challenges,” said Cloudify CEO Ariel Dan. Service providers and enterprises need a single platform that automates new technologies (e.g. SD-WAN) together with the existing stack (e.g. vCPE) while preventing vendor lock-in.”

Spire radically simplifies end-to-end network automation through its open source, intent-based, and vendor-agnostic orchestration platform, which connects and manages distributed containers, network elements, edge devices on physical servers or the cloud, and even existing configuration and automation tools -- all under a common automation scheme.

”Communities working on edge computing, IoT, 5G and other distributed network architectures realize that past methods of infrastructure provisioning and management are insufficient for meeting future needs,” said Paul Parker-Johnson, Chief Analyst, ACG Research. ”They can’t scale their orchestration logic for deployment scenarios that evolving use cases include.  With its elegant, open and standards-based platform architecture, Cloudify Spire can scale elastically into a coordinated fabric of orchestration services that is tunable to the needs of each application and domain it is supporting. Through a standards-based plug-in and API framework for incorporating distributed resources in OpenStack, Kubernetes, VMware and related virtual infrastructure environments, and using REST-based functionality to integrate with other BSS and OSS applications, Spire is providing a coherent platform for introducing service delivery policies and application intents at scale. While many other initiatives are in the formative stages of producing this functionality, Cloudify can deliver it today using Spire.”

Source: Cloudify media announcement


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