LogNet Champions Trends in Billing
Pipeline had the opportunity to discuss some of the top trends in billing with Kirill Rechter, CEO at LogNet Billing.

Pipeline: LogNet Billing is active in the telco industry and also in the utilities and online gaming markets. As you head into 2019, where do you see the growth opportunities for your company?

Rechter: We see opportunities in all three sectors. With increased competition and innovative new services in each sector, there is a growing need for operators and service providers to maintain a strong billing infrastructure.

The synergy of telco and utilities services and the multiplay service environments that these service providers are building are creating a lot of opportunities for our company. From the telco perspective, there is an ongoing need to offer new value added services to counter the lowering margins of their core communications services. As for utilities, the movement towards the digitalization of operations and rolling out of smart consumption are also creating opportunities for us. For these scenarios, our MaxBill solution is a good fit.

In the online gaming space, the opportunities are coming from operators that want to automate their complex billing and partner reconciliation processes.

Pipeline: What trends do you expect to see in the telco billing sector going forward?

Rechter: Going forward, billing operations will need to efficiently support more and more new online services as well as cross-industry offerings. This is especially true with the growth of new services enabled by IoT. We see that this is already happening today and this will certainly carry forward throughout the coming year.

The most significant trend is the need for a higher bandwidth to transfer and distribute content globally across different networks unto the end consumer. This trend is removing the boundaries of who is actually supplying the data. This will lead to more cross-industry service offerings that can even include smart city services at either flat rates or in pay-as-you-go models.

Pipeline: Are these trends applicable to the other verticals that you address?

Rechter: Yes, these trends are definitely applicable to the utility vertical. Service providers in this segment will certainly continue to add value added services, ranging from communications services to smart home services to electric vehicle services and more. We have a lot of experience in supporting the billing operations of these types of multiple service operations in both the telco and utilities sectors.

And LogNet is no stranger to complexity. In a recent press release on the company's website, LogNet announced that its MaxBill solution is being leveraged to support the merger between the newly combined Internet Service Providers (ISPs) DELTA Fiber Netherlands and Caiway. According to the press release, the MaxBill system now provides the unified billing infrastructure for the both the Caiway and DELTA brands. MaxBill allows each brand to independently manage its operations efficiently using unified ICT and network infrastructures. Both brands have strategic growth plans that rely on MaxBill to support adding new services and expanding their FTTH network into new geographic markets across rural areas in the Netherlands with improved competitiveness.  

“Our decision to continue to work with the MaxBill solution was not based one particular feature or another, but rather for the fact that LogNet Billing is our trusted partner for anything and everything related our billing operation,” stated John Wittekamp, Group CTO at DELTA Fiber Netherlands in the press release. “We have been working closely with the LogNet Billing team for almost ten years now and its MaxBill solution for modern billing will continue to be our strategic tool for our business growth and strategic initiatives.”

“We certainly enjoy the challenge of designing and implementing complex billing projects, although the key to the success of any customer engagement is developing a trusted relationships over time, while delivering strategic value at every stage of the project,” added Kirill Rechter, CEO at LogNet Billing. “We are proud of our long term relationship with Caiway and have strong expectations for the continued successes for both Caiway and DELTA.”

Source: LogNet Billing


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