Juniper Networks Accelerate PPTEL's Digital Transformation Journey

PP Telecommunication and Juniper Networks Advance Digital Transformation in East Malaysia

Juniper-powered network will provide consumers and businesses in East Malaysia with efficient and reliable connectivity to scale

Juniper Networks, the leader in artificial intelligence-driven security networks, announced that PP Telecommunication Sdn. Bhd. (PPTEL) has chosen its solution to build a brand new core network to support PPTEL's growth plans. This network will lay the foundation for PPTEL to meet critical high-speed Internet connectivity needs, enabling consumers and businesses to access richer digital experiences and services.

The move comes as East Malaysia's largest state, Sarawak, prepares for a major overhaul of its digital infrastructure. The reform is part of the Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA) fast-tracking the state's digital economy plan .

PPTEL's infrastructure makes it uniquely positioned to support these initiatives - the company relies on submarine cables at strategic locations in the region to reduce latency while maintaining the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the service. PPTEL has also established its first Tier 4 data center in East Malaysia , a testament to the company's commitment to providing efficient, scalable and flexible services to drive the digital economy in Sarawak.

To better support Sarawak's digital economy goals and PPTEL's plans to expand its services into Southeast Asia, PPTEL selected Juniper Networks routing and switching solutions to build its new core network. Juniper Networks' MX Series Universal Routing Platform and QFX Series Switches will deliver industry-leading system capacity, density, security and performance.

The Juniper-powered PPTEL network combined with the BaSICS cable system will enable PPTEL to provide high-quality, low-latency connectivity to consumers and businesses in Sarawak and Southeast Asia. Additionally, with 5G on the horizon, Juniper’s solutions will enable PPTEL to efficiently expand their networks and ensure consumers and businesses can take full advantage of 5G connectivity, from delivering high-capacity streaming content and new Digital experience to unlock business opportunities and more.

Supporting introduction :

“Sarawak has many opportunities to advance digital transformation and we are delighted to be with Juniper on this journey. As Sarawak and the rest of Malaysia move towards 5G, our infrastructure must be innovative and leading-edge to provide The web experience we expect. Juniper has long been recognized as the market leader in this space, and through our continued collaboration, we look forward to delivering a differentiated web experience for businesses and consumers.”

Jonathan Smith, CEO of PP Telecommunication Sdn. Bhd.

“We are honored to be part of PP Telecommunication’s network transformation journey in support of Sarawak’s digital economy. PPTEL has been instrumental in driving the growth of the network in Malaysia. With Juniper’s experience-first approach to networking, we are committed to helping PPTEL secure Sarawak And businesses and consumers in other regions are better connected and ready for the advent of digitization.”

Perry Sui, Senior Director, Juniper Networks ASEAN and Taiwan

Source: Juniper Network media announcement


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