Inetum and MATRIXX Software Offer Business Support for CSPs

Inetum and MATRIXX Software Partner to Offer Comprehensive Business Support for CSPs 

Inetum, leader in IT services and solutions in 27 countries, and MATRIXX Software, a global leader in telecommunications monetization, will work together to help Communications Service Providers (CSPs) develop, sell and monetize a full range of communications services.

The rollout of 4G and 5G networks has increased pressure on CSPs to deliver a constantly evolving portfolio of consumer and business-focused services and to bring a competitive digital experience to their clients.  Evolving 5G networks will open up additional service opportunities in vertical sectors such as logistics, healthcare and manufacturing.

To seize these opportunities and deal with the technical and commercial challenges that will accompany them, CSPs will need a high level of agility, flexibility and operational efficiency in their supporting business platforms. 

The MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform will be integrated into Inetum’s telecom portfolio to create a solution that will help CSPs transform their businesses and increase return on their network investments. 

The two companies will then work together to address digital transition and pre-paid replacement opportunities, focusing initially on operators in the Middle East and Africa.

The Inetum and MATRIXX Software relationship will bring advanced real-time monetization capabilities into the BSS domain, improving both operational efficiency and the customer experience with a new digital stack. This transformative solution is expected to include:

  • A predefined stack bridging between network and customer engagement channels 
  • Turnkey migration, deployment and operational servicesProcess review and automation
  • Accelerated MVP strategies for new digital brands
  • A digital, omnichannel customer experience 
  • Reduced call center traffic and customer support costs
  • New charging capabilities that will increase top-line revenues
  • Public, private cloud, or inhouse data center deployment options 
  • Complete or partial outsourcing of the IT asset

Helping CSPs and their customers through their digitalization remains Inetum's primary TMT sector objective, and the MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform is one of the platforms that will help us achieve this.” said Pierre Marin, Head of Telecom Media & Technologies Sector of Inetum.“As part of this agreement, Inetum intends to develop a competency center that will train and fully certify delivery resources in the MATRIXX Software solution.” 

“Speed and agility are essential ingredients for success in today’s highly competitive markets,” said André Gunnberg, Chief Revenue Officer, MATRIXX Software. ”We are excited to partner with Inetum to offer a powerful and highly configurable monetization platform that helps operators move fast and compete more effectively.”

Source: Inetum media announcement


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